Final Burn Alpha AmigaOS4 / Windows 32 Bits

List and GUI with gif anims
Fba Prefs
Fba select and start
New skinFX for driving games
New skinFX for Vertical games
New skinFX for neogeo
Final burn alpha OS4 NEW GUI part 5
Final burn alpha OS4 NEW GUI part 6
Final burn alpha OS4 NEW GUI part 4
Final burn alpha OS4 NEW GUI part 1
    Current version: R3
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    FB Alpha is an arcade emulator supporting the following hardware platforms:

    - Capcom CPS-1
    - Capcom CPS-2
    - Capcom CPS-3
    - Cave
    - Data East DEC-0, DEC-8 and DECO IC16 based games
    - Galaxian based hardware
    - Irem M62, M63, M72, M90 and M92 hardware
    - Kaneko 16
    - Konami
    - Neo-Geo
    - Pacman based hardware
    - PGM
    - Psikyo 68EC020 and SH-2 based hardware
    - Sega System 1, System 16 (and similar), System 18, X-Board and Y-Board
    - Toaplan 1
    - Toaplan 2
    - Taito F2, X, Z and others
    - Miscellaneous drivers for lots of other hardware
    - ColecoVision
    - SEGA SG-1000
    - Sega Megadrive
    - Nintendo Snes (just for the fun, it's a big work, do not return craslog please for the moment)
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - Fixed problem on fullscreen after push F12 (double action for window mode) now fixed (bug find by Samo79)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem clear screen buffer on PAUSE mode, now video buffer not clear on PAUSE (bug find by Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on FRAMESKIP option on GUI (error on the code) (bug find by Tommysammy) [hunoppc]
    - Added for Neogeo MVS and AES option change your BIOS, added automatically on neogeo ROMS, select your Bios and he save it on your configuration of your game. He working on no-dipswitch and dipswitch patch, enjoy now. (proposed by Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Re-Activate add Rom in favorites list
    - Added version of FinalBurn Alpha on a GUI now
    - Removed this action: "Fixed on SNES List of games, disabled Page Up and Page Down" [hunoppc]
    - Fixed limit of Page Up and Page Down to 6 names of games [hunoppc]
    - Added on F3 key limitation to : All, Missing, Available, Favorites [hunoppc]
    - Fixed text and information on mode Missing and Favorites [hunoppc]
    - Added new preview logo for Missing and Favorites roms [hunoppc]
    - Small fix on joystick left and right action for limit locks on games (on player 1 and 2) [hunoppc]
    - New video with large 3D effect with new year 2016 [hunoppc]
    - Now a render for windows is full 32bits Double Buffer and Hardware render (for GUI and for Emulators), a good quality on the games.

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 13/01/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed KeyUP for this KEYS : KEYPAD_FPS and KEYPAD_FULLSCREEN
    - Fixed problem select games with keyboard on FILTER ALL GAMES
    - Fixed problem on filter F3 and F4 on keyboard

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 16/01/2016  [hunoppc]  
    - Added new stacksize
    - Added new implementation of the standard library function memcpy, now memcopy is fastest (little endian and big endian only), support of altivec for powerpc G4 and X1000 (autodetect ALTIVEC at startup)
    - Added new core of joystick, rewriting all code for remove a locks axis (actually just one joystick for betatest)
    - Fixed libpng

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 17/01/2016  [hunoppc]  
    - Added new code for a joystick number 2 now, no lock he working fine
    - Removed all old code of joysticks
    - Now 2 versions of executable : one for no-Altivec machines and one for Altivec machine (removed autodetect at startup, problems on non altivec machines)
    - Now i have added a fastmemcpy to all source code of fba (code ALTIVEC for G4 and X1000 and optimized code for others machines)

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 23/01/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Added BIOS dir on Roms dir and code for working with this new directory (registered version and demo version)
        ym2608-zip and other... (proposed by Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed path of roms for demo version on config file [hunoppc]
    - Removed all BIOS names on list menu and on option for show BIOS with F5 [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Missing and Favorites text on selected options filters by types (now a text is correct) [hunoppc]
    - Added using F8 as PageDown on a GUI (proposed by Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed error on KEY 5 for add the second player, wrong key (BIOS) as deleted (error by me after test all effects keybord for problems on joysticks locks) (reported by zzd10h and confirmed by Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed all gifs effects on framerate (unlimited now), my routine pilot all frame and render
    - All endianess problems on gifs anims as fixed now and prepare now code threaded for amigaos4 waiting

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 30/01/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed command line --filter, now he work fine and it forced on the code
        exemple command line with this option : finalburnalpha.exe roms/ --sound-sdl --samplerate=44100 --usagecpu=100 --showfps--sound-sdl --samplerate=44100 --filter scale2x --fullscreen
    - Added new render: OpenGL  [hunoppc]
        Now blitter is speedup with Hardware render (on PC and X1000)
    - Added effect OpenGL on GUI  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed F12 fullscreen/window on filter Opengl, now opengl context is reload correctly  [hunoppc]
    - Added filters 2 options on OpenGL render, with simple render linear (glsimple) and with filter nearest (glfilter) [hunoppc]
    - Added liberation of context OpenGL after quit FBA GUI [hunoppc]
    - Fixed commandline for option --fullscreen with filters
    - Fixed input code on commandline, now input device working fine on game

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 31/01/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Added new option for skip intrologo --betatest [hunoppc]
    - Fixed start with a trashed graphics (reported by Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed and optimized flip screen and refresh on engine [hunoppc]

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 04/02/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed LockMutex and UnlockMutex problem on all Sam460 with render SDL sound engine (run normaly now)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Version and release with workbench, information->version now return a correct informations of executable (reported by Samo79)   [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on default.cfg all prefs are NULL, now he work fine (reported by Lio) [hunoppc]

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 06/02/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Added now all text on full TTF with command --ttf (Register, version, all prefs options)  (reported by Samo79)  [hunoppc]
    - Added new locale
    - Fixed all problems on locale files ttf and no_ttf (reported by Pseudaxos)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on FPS key (F5)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed on videoclear a black ground after F5 FPS disable  [hunoppc]

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 14/02/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Added new font colored (yellow) on back of this locale (ttf mode):
    - Fixed reload preview with joystick button 6 and 7 after Favorite and Available
    - Activated Animated Gifs for GUI on AmigaOS4
    - Fixed other problems on endianess of GIF engine
    - Fixed loading and release GIF mode on the GUI
    - Added FreeSurface of Gif's after quit GUI
    - Added Quit TTF engine on GUI now

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 06/03/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Steel Force ( graphics corruption, now he work fine [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Release 2 on About GFX Mode  [hunoppc]
    - Added internal libs code on FBA engine:
        *lib SDL_gfx
        *lib SDL_image
        *lib SDL_ttf
        *lib freetype2
        *lib png
    - Added OPTION_FBA_FRAMESKIP on start game menu
    - Fixed read good prefs of frameskip after loading menu option fba for game
    - Added security on PNG load image, now return error on GUI with no crash (windows and amigaos4 version)
    - Added new image xpm on internal code:
        *errorPNG (previews images)
        *errorWHEEL (wheels images)
    - Working on KONAMI hardware
        *88games working now
        *trick trap
        *time pilot
        *rack 'em up

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 08/04/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Added protector => PNG load empty file
    - Added protector => check is PNG file
    - Added new BEZELFX filter for the fun and now it's very unique on AmigaOS4. BEZELFX is 3 gfxs parts, one for cabinet, one for overlay screen and one for a skin of game.
    - Added new logo BEZELFX on preview for skin is present on dir
    - Fixed TTF problem on HunoJoyWrapper, now he work with new library  
    - Fixed fps counter on a left screen for vertical game for BEZELFX
    - Fixed BEZELFX  filter on vertical games, now is automatic activated
    - Added 204 BEZELFX on a DIR .fba/bezels
    - Added Wheel for a Driving Games and Paddles for a normal games on BEZELFX