Final Burn Alpha AmigaOS4 / Windows 32 Bits

List and GUI with gif anims
Fba Prefs
Fba select and start
New skinFX for driving games
New skinFX for Vertical games
New skinFX for neogeo
Final burn alpha OS4 NEW GUI part 5
Final burn alpha OS4 NEW GUI part 6
Final burn alpha OS4 NEW GUI part 4
Final burn alpha OS4 NEW GUI part 1
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    FinalBurn Alpha W.I.P AmigaOS 4 Port by "NOUVEL "HunoPPC "Hugues"
    Amiga French Team 2019
    For WINDOWS release is Full freeware do not use LibBoostyGfxV2, just copy ROMS, PREVIEWS, WHEELS, BEZELS, SAMPLES and enjoy!!
    Thank you very much 
    **       AMIGAOS4                     **
    **  PLEASE DELETE YOUR OLD KEY ON : SYS:S/RegBoostyGFX.key     **
    **  Thank you very much                                        **
    Important : for 320x240 resolution: add 320x240@61D (thank you very much CrashMidnick) with D option "DOUBLE" in your monitor TOOLTYPES (not all the modes are supported when connected with HDMI or DVI cable, please use analogic VGA if possible)
    - Please calibrate your 2 joysticks sumultanous correctly, all problems on the HATS is for this, thanks
    Written initially by Dmitry Smagin
    exmortis [at] yandex [dot] ru
    Original Source code
    Final Burn Alpha SDL for AmigaOS4 In W.I.P
    FB Alpha is an arcade emulator supporting the following hardware platforms:
    - Capcom CPS-1
    - Capcom CPS-2
    - Capcom CPS-3
    - Cave
    - Data East DEC-0, DEC-8 and DECO IC16 based games
    - Galaxian based hardware
    - Irem M62, M63, M72, M90, M92 and M107 hardware
    - Kaneko 16
    - Supernova
    - Konami
    - Neo-Geo
    - Pacman based hardware
    - PGM
    - Psikyo 68EC020 and SH-2 based hardware
    - Sega System 1, System 16 (and similar), System 18, X-Board and Y-Board
    - Toaplan 1
    - Toaplan 2
    - Taito F3, Taito F2, X, Z and others
    - Miscellaneous drivers for lots of other hardware
    - ColecoVision
    - SEGA SG-1000
    - Sega Megadrive
    - Nintendo Snes (parts of emulator snes9x)
    - MSX
    - Nintendo Nes (parts of emulator Fceux)
    LibBoostyGfx version 2.0.1 is DONATIONWARE. Please make a donation to the creator of this library for his support of AmigaOS 4 :  and you will receive an activation code.
    IMPORTANT : FBA needs to be registered with an activation code to be able to use all the features of the emulator. Registration requires an internet connection, please check that you are connected, launch FinalBurn-OS4 and register with the serial code I've sent to you.
    With no serial code you have only this hardwares working:
    - Pacman based hardware
    - Konami
    - Misc pre90s
    - Galaxian based hardware
    - ColecoVision
    - SEGA SG-1000
    With serial code you have access to all supported hardwares and can get full speed with LibBoostyGFXV2.
    Please FBA compiled with the new SDK, use executable with AmigaOS4.1 Final Edition, thanks.
    if you have already made a donation before, you are entitled to full access, please contact me with your paypal number and I will give you your serial number with great pleasure

    Supported games
    Refer to gamelist.txt for information

    first release (experimental version, beta1) :
    - FBA for AmigaOS4. Romset version is MAME 0.149 second release (release 1 stable) :
    - FBA for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - Romset version is MAME 0.154
    - Fixed high CPU usage
    - You can now set your preferences in the menu  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed pause with high CPU usage [hunoppc]
    - Added rendering effects selection on menu with all new rendierings engines : scale2x/3x/3xled, simple2x, norender(320x240), huglyAss (render320x240 on window 640x480), scanlines2X/3X (scanlines 2X/3X and 3Xled is a new algorithm created by HunoPPC, special new functions for LibBoostyGFX) [hunoppc]
    - Added Service menu access on emul [hunoppc]
    - Added Full joystick support on the menu [hunoppc]
    - Added game key configuration on the menu [hunoppc]
    - Fixed saving path, disabled now, force a progdir path with the right paths for different roms [hunoppc]
    - Disables screenblanker while in game [hunoppc]
    - Added gamelist.txt on archive [hunoppc]
    - Fixed off megadrive ROMs [hunoppc]
    - AddedAutoframeskip on the menu options [hunoppc]
    - Added internal skin and the ability to select external skins to change the design [hunoppc]
    - Modified all keys: F1/F2 = changes Hardware F3/F4 = changes Filters; F5 = changes Types; P = Pause; S = savestates; L = Load savestates; ENTER = GUI MENU Prefs [hunoppc]
    - Fixed hit on GUI when registering online [hunoppc]
    - Added new previews, all previews for OS4 version have been made by [hunoppc]
    - Created optimised rendering for MEGADRIVE and PC-ENGINE [hunoppc]
    - Ported K005289 sound core from MAME [iq_132]
    - Ported MSM5232 sound from MAME and updated Fairyland Story to use it [iq_132]
    - Fixed mixing in the MSM5232 core [Barry]
    - Ported NES APU core from MAME [iq_132]
    - Ported T5182 device from MAME [iq_132]
    - Ported TMS34061 video chip from MAME [iq_132]
    - Ported VLM5030 sound core from MAME [iq_132]
    - Added support for new modules to debug tracking [Barry]
    - Fixed interpolation for the YM2203 interface [Barry, dink]
    - Fixed a pointer overwrite issue in the M68K driver on savestate load [dink]
    - Fixed blank game screen when the system returns from Hibernation [dink]
    - Fixed loss of Music & SFX on savestate load with games using the YM2151 sound chip [dink]
    - Fixed savestates with multiple chips and fix for setting singular channel volume in K007232 core [dink, iq_132]
    - Fixed savestates in Irem GA20 sound core [iq_132]
    - Fixed bug in generic sprite zoom drawing routines [iq_132]
    - Fixed idle skip (timers) & crash with FAST_OP_FETCH in SH-2 CPU core [dink]
    - Added driver for Choplifter (unprotected, working) and Choplifter (bootleg, working) to Sega System1 (Parent ROM NW) [vbt]
    - Added driver for Mighty Warrior, Steel Force & Twin Brats on Elettronica Video-Games S.R.L hardware [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Capcom Bowling [iq_132] Added driver for Fire Barrel/Air Assault, Dream Soccer '94, Kick for the Goal & World PK Soccer on Irem M107 hardware [iq_132]
    - Added driver for The Lost Castle In Darkmist [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Mikie/Shinnyuushain Tooru-kun (Konami) [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Mustache Boy [iq_132] Added driver for Nemesis/Gradius, Salamander/Lifeforce, Twinbee, Galactic Warriors, Konami GT, Red Fighter, Black Panther, City Bomber, Kitten Kaboodle/Nyan Nyan Panic & Hyper Crash on Konami GX400 hardware [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Punch Out [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Kaneko Super Nova hardware (Cyvern, Sengeki Striker, Puzzloop, Guts'N, Jan Jan Paradise 1 & 2, Sen-Know, VS. Block Breaker) [iq_132, dink]
    - Added driver for Tail 2 Nose [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Wyvern F-0 [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Xain'd Sleena/Solar Warrior [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Exzisus (Taito) [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Ninja-Kid II, Mutant Night, Ark Area, Atomic Robo-kid, Omega Fighter & Omega Fighter Special on UPL Hardware [iq_132]
    - Added TLCS90 CPU Core [iq_132]
    - Hooked-up the TLCS90 audiocpu core to Arcadian/Rapid Hero enabling Music & SFX [iq_132]
    - Enable stereo Music & SFX in Thunder Cross 2 by default (delete your old config/games/thndrx2.nv, if available) [iq_132 & dink]
    - Updated the protection emulation for Uballoon and Alien Challenge [iq_132]
    - Added Crouching Poney Hidden Dragon (DEMO) (Le Cortex) to the Neo Geo driver [iq_132, JacKc]
    - Added SDI - Strategic Defense Initiative (Japan, old, System 16A, FD1089B 317-0027) [JacKc]
    - Added Dolem to the NMK16 driver [iq_132] Fixed PCB version of Spectral vs Generation [iq_132, rtw, David Haywood]
    - Added bootleg of 1942 to the driver [JacKc]
    - Added clone of 4 En Raya to the driver [JacKc, Unigame]
    - Added clone of Black Tiger to the driver [JacKc, Bonky0013, iq_132]
    - Added clone of Bubble Bobble to the driver [JacKc, Bisboch and Aladar]
    - Added clone of Commando to the driver [JacKc, Kevin Eshbach]
    - Added clone of Crude Buster to the driver [JacKc, system11]
    - Added bootleg of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, Bonky0013, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Final Fight to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
    - Added bootleg of Final Fight to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc]
    - Added clone of Nemo to the CPS-1 driver [muddymusic]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, Tormod, Layne, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, Yohji, Kevin Eshbach, bodger319, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, Kevin Eshbach, Bill D., Layne, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, Any, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II - champion edition to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, Andrew Welburn, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II - champion edition to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, iq_132, Barry]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II - champion edition to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, Drakon]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II - champion edition to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, Barry, any]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II - champion edition to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, any]
    - Added bootleg of 1944 - the loop master to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc]
    - Added rent version of 19XX to the CPS-2 driver [Barry, JacKc, Tormod]
    - Added clone of Armored Warriors to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc, system11, The Dumping Union]
    - Added bootleg of Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc, Yohji, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc, tormod, The Dumping Union]
    - Added bootleg of Mighty! Pang to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter Alpha to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of X-Men Vs. Street Fighter to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter III to the CPS-3 driver [JacKc, Layne, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter III to the CPS-3 driver [JacKc, Smitdogg]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter III to the CPS-3 driver [JacKc, Bonky0013]
    - Added bootleg of Robocop to the DEC-0 driver [JacKc, any]
    - Added clone of Donkey Kong to the driver [JacKc, Matt Ziolkowski, Rob Rings]
    - Added clone of Donkey Kong Jr to the driver [JacKc, Chris Psaros]
    - Added clone of Funky Jet to the driver [JacKc, Arzeno Fabrice, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Dragon Bowl to the Gaiden driver [iq_132, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Galaxian to the driver [JacKc, DamagedGoods]
    - Added clone of Galaxian to the driver [JacKc, Roselson from AUMAP]
    - Added bootleg of Scramble to the Galaxian driver [JacKc, Basilio Garcia]
    - Added clone of Fantasia to the Gals Panic driver [JacKc, system11]
    - Added two clones of Miss World '96 (Nude) to the Gals Panic driver [JacKc, system11]
    - Added clone of New Fantasia to the Gals Panic driver [JacKc, system11]
    - Added two clones of Gals Hustler to the Gals Panic driver [iq_132]
    - Added bootleg of Gun Smoke to the driver [JacKc, Felipe Sanches]
    - Added clone of Cookie & Bibi to the Hyper Pacman driver [JacKc, any, David Haywood]
    - Added bootleg of Snow Bros. to Hyper Pacman driver [Barry, JacKc, The Dumping Union, David Haywood]
    - Added clone of Ikari III to the Ikari III driver [JacKc, DsNo, jysx012]
    - Added clone of Bomber Man World to the Irem M90 driver [JacKc, Artemio Urbina, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of The Berlin Wall to the Kaneko 16 driver [JacKc, system11]
    - Added clone of Trojan to the Legendary Wings driver [JacKc, any]
    - Added clone of Pang to the Mitchell driver [JacKc, any]
    - Added clone of Last Blade to the Neo Geo driver [JacKc]
    - Added support for Universe BIOS 3.1 to the Neo Geo driver [Razoola, iq_132, Jackc]
    - Added clone of Multi 5 / New Multi Game 5 to the NMG5 driver [JacKc, system11]
    - Added clone of Guardian Storm to the NMK16 driver [JacKc, Shoutime]
    - Added clone of Rapid Hero to the NMK16 driver [Barry, JacKc, Brian Troha, system11]
    - Added clone of Spectrum 2000 to the NMK16 driver [iq_132]
    - Added clone of Pacman to the Pacman driver [JacKc, AUMAP]
    - Added clone of DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou to the PGM driver [JacKc, djvinc]
    - Added clone of Happy 6-In-1 to the PGM driver [JacKc, rtw, iq_132]
    - Added clone of Ketsui Kizuna Jigoku Tachi to the PGM driver [JacKc, Artemio Urbina]
    - Added clone of Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus / Sangoku Senki Super Heroes Plus to the PGM driver [JacKc, XingXing]
    - Added clone of Knights of Valour: Quan Huang San Guo Special / Sangoku Senki: Quan Huang San Guo Special to the PGM driver [JacKc]
    - Added clone of Knights of Valour 2 - Nine Dragons to the PGM driver [JacKc, 69mustang, iq_132]
    - Added clone of Excelsior to the Playmark driver [JacKc, Bonky0013, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Bouncing Balls to the Pushman driver [JacKc, system11, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Fire Shark to the Same Same driver [JacKc, ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
    - Added bootleg of Altered Beast to the Sega System 16B driver [Barry]
    - Added clone of Altered Beast to the Sega System 16B driver [JacKc, Chris Hardy, Andreas Naive]
    - Added clone of Cotton to the Sega System 16B driver [JacKc, Charles MacDonald, ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Dynamite Dux to the Sega System 16B driver [Barry, JacKc]
    - Added clone of E-Swat to the Sega System 16B driver [Barry, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Out Run to the Sega Out Run driver [JacKc]
    - Added clone of Turbo Out Run to the Sega Out Run driver [JacKc, Charles MacDonald, ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of After Burner II to the Sega X-Board driver [JacKc, Andrew Welburn, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Strike Fighter to the Sega Y-Board driver [JacKc, ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
    - Added Yukiwo to the Taito B driver [iq_132, Unigame, David Haywood, JackC]
    - Added clone of Cadash to the Taito F2 driver [JacKc, Unigame]
    - Added clone of Chase HQ to the Taito Z driver [JacKc, any]
    - Added clone of Enforce to the Taito Z driver [JacKc, Barry]
    - Added clone of Racing Beat to the Taito Z driver [JacKc, ShouTime]
    - Added two bootlegs of World Cup '90 to the driver [JacKc, any]
    - Added clone of Zero Wing to the driver [JacKc, System11, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Double Dragon II
    - The Revenge (bootleg) to the Double Dragon driver [Barry]
    - Added clone of Saulabi Spirits / Jin Saulabi Tu Hon (Korean release of Samurai Shodown II, set 2) from Winkawaks 1.63 [JacKc]
    - Added clone of Passing shot: Center Court (prototype, MC-8123B) to the Sega 16B driver [Alan Meades, Porchy, JacKc]
    - Added clone of The King of Fighters '96 (Anniversary Edition 2.0.0296, EGHT hack) to the Neo Geo driver [JacKc]
    - Fixed Gauntlet by going back to the previous Slapstic implementation [Barry]
    - Fixed crash in Oriental Legends Super intro [iq_132]
    - Updates to PGM protection routines [iq_132, rockywall, Creamy Mami, JacKc, iq_132]
    - Various PGM updates/fixes [iq_132]
    - CPS-3 sound updates [iq_132, Captain CPS-X]
    - Small improvement to the MSM6295 core [iq_132]
    - Various sound clipping fixes [dink]
    - Sound tweaks/improvements for Legendary Wings, Armed Formation & Puzzle de Bowling [dink]
    - Updated the YMF278b soundchip driver, notably improving the Music & SFX in Tengai [dink]
    - Small update to FM.C sine initialization table improves the clarity of some FM sound emulations [dink]
    - Fixed clipping/distortion with PCM sample playback in Enduro Racer [dink]
    - Moved the YM2608 internal ROM to an external file ( [Barry]
    - PC Engine update [iq_132]
    - Fixed Battle Garegga savestate load crash [dink]
    - Fixed sound desync in Tengai and tile corruption in Samurai Aces on savestate load [dink]
    - Added savestate capability to Irem M72 driver - R-Type, R-Type II, Ninja Spirit, Mr. Heli, X-Multiply, Dragon Breed, Hammerin' Harry, Cosmic Cop, Legend of Hero Tonma, Air Duel [dink]
    - Fixed savestate load crash for Aero Fighters, Sonic Wings, Turbo Force, Spinal Break and Karate Blazers [dink]
    - Fixed savestate load crash for Raiden [dink]
    - Added savestate capability to NMK16 driver - Bombjack Twin, Thunder Dragon 2, Twin Action, US AAF Mustang, Stagger (RedHawk), Guardian Storm, Fire Hawk, GunNail, Saboten Bombers, Super Spacefortress Macross [dink]
    - Added savestate capability to Kangaroo driver [dink]
    - Fixed palette issues on savestate load with Data East Act Fancer [dink]
    - Fixed stuck noise at the end of short samples in games that use the Toaplan samples hack. FireShark, SameSameSame!, Ghox, Vimana and TekiPaki [dink]
    - Fixed Toaplan samples hack and savestates, and added loading samples status [dink]
    - SFX lost after savestate load in NMK004 games, Super Spacefortress Macross and possibly others [dink]
    - Probable fix for Toaplans FixEight hang on savestate load [dink]
    - Various NMK16 fixes [dink]
    - Fixed crash on savestate load for Visco/Taito Galmedes [dink]
    - New gun rotation method for Heavy Barrel and Midnight Resistance & fix for Heavy Barrel level transistion after level 2 [dink]
    - Fixed savestates for games that use the SN76496 soundchip [dink]
    - Fixed savestates for Pacman S2650 games [dink] Fixed savestate load crash and sound/music volume in The New Zealand Story new pcb [dink]
    - Fixed speed issue in Contra [dink]
    - Fixed tilemaps in Contra [Barry]
    - Fixed Ash No Joe save states [iq_132]
    - Fixed The New Zealand savetates [dink]
    - Reorganised some inputs to support kaillera (Contra, Double Dragon I - III, TMNT, Sunset Riders, M.I.A., Green Beret) [dink]
    - Windows savestate enhancements -shift-F8 for savestate undo, 10 levels of undo for each slot [dink]
    - Show savestate messages (prev/next slot, load & save) while paused [dink]
    - Fixed savestates for YM2151, UPD7759 and clipping/distortion in UPD7759 [dink]
    - Added savestate support to Toki driver [dink]
    - Added savestate support to Donkey Kong driver [dink]
    - Fixed missing music in Sol Divide [dink]
    - Fixed sound effects and cutscene/music timing in Gun Smoke [dink]
    - Fixed reset causes crash in Wonder Planet, Karnov and Chelnov - Atomic Runner [dink]
    - Fixed reset in The Berlin Wall [dink] Fixed sound effects and music in GunNail [dink]
    - Fixed music in Spinal Breakers (Z80 banking issue) [dink]
    - Fixed corrupted graphics in the last couple levels of Spinal Breakers [iq_132]
    - Added savestate cability to Fairyland Story [dink]
    - Save all screens when saving states with multiple TC0100SCN chips, fixes savestates for Darius II, Ninja Warriors and Rastan 3 - Warrior Blade [dink]
    - Impoved analog controls in Afterburner [dink]
    - Fixed speed in Joe & Mac Returns [dink]
    - Fix for the graphical glitches on the volcano level in Caveman Ninja [dink]
    - Fixed sprite priority and colours in Psycho-nics Oscar [dink]
    - Improved Irem M92 driver savestates [dink]
    - Interleave the CPUs in Battle Shark to avoid game crashing on level 2 [Barry]
    - Fixed music in Masked Riders Club Battle Race and Mad Shark [dink]
    - Fixed music in War of Aero - Project MEIOU [dink]
    - Fixed sample banking issues with Eight Forces, Blandia and Gundhara [dink]
    - Fixed pallete after loading savestate in Gaelco driver [dink]
    - Fixed savestates in The Main Event driver [dink]
    - Fixed wrong sounds and music in Green Beret [dink]
    - Fixed sprite priority issue in Konami's Ajax/Typhoon [Barry]
    - Fixed sfx volume fluxuations in Ajax driver [dink]
    - Added third button to Warriers of Fate: Sangokushi II [dink]
    - Fixed loud crashing noise in Scramble! and Super Cobra [dink]
    - Fixed NMK16 sprite rendering [iq_132]
    - Fixed graphics issues in Guardian/Tiger Heli/Slap Fight [iq_132]
    - Added Performan (Toaplan/Data east) to the Slap Fight driver [iq_132]
    - Fixed cheats in Z80 based games [iq_132]
    - Fixed sound effects in Task Force Harrier [dink]
    - Fixed 32bpp is now possible with the Enhanced (Direct3D) blitter [dink]
    - Fixed text layer alignment in Task Force Harrier [iq_132]
    - Improved analog controls in Night Striker [dink]
    - Savestate improvements for some Toaplan drivers [dink]
    - Fixed Boogie Wings, Diet Go Go, Crude Buster, Darkseal, Funky Jet, Rohga Armor Force, Super Burger Time, Tumble Pop and Vapor Trail on Deco16 Hardware to run at the proper speed [dink]
    - Fixed occasional stuck sprite in OutZone [dink]
    - Fixed Haunted Castle sound banking [iq_132]
    - Fixed tilemaps in Midnight Resistence, Hippodrome and Robocop [Barry]
    - Big Endian fixes for The Gladiator and Killing Blade [lantus]
    - Avoided use of deprecated function in libpng Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 support [Barry]
    - Updated System Info adding Windows 8.1 support to detection routines and simply CPU detection routines [Barry]
    - Fixed deselecting all hardware in the game selection dialog [Barry]
    - Fixed Neo Geo macro buttons [Barry]
    - Fixed & improved reliability of Neo Geo savestates [dink]
    - Started eradicating use of BurnDrvGetText in drivers [Barry]
    - Updated the libpng library to v1.6.12 [Barry]
    - Synced sets with MAME 0.154 [Barry, JacKc]
    - FBA for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - New GUI with new options and design on 800x600 (work fine on all amiga machine, high and low cpu)
    - New wheels on GUI added and all differents logo for the hardware WIP
    - Added name of hardware selected on GUI
    - Added name of rom selected on GUI
    - Fixed ARM7 cpu on AOS4 (and added new core and new games fix)  system now all PGM games now working fine
    - Fixed all TAITO games on AOS4 system now working fine
      -->Darius 2
      -->Ashita no joe
      -->Crayon shinchan orato asobo
      -->Dead connection
      -->Dino rex
      -->Full throttle
    - Fixed sprites problems on Technos games
      --> Agress (this game crash on exit actually)
      --> Blockout
    - Fixed all KONAMI games on AOS4 system now working fine
      --> Vulcan venture
      --> Salamander
      --> Gradius 1 2 and 3
      --> The final round
      --> And other games using a commun hardware.
    - Added - ColecoVision and SEGA SG-1000 Hardware (in WIP)
    - Fixed problem with joystick on menu down and up
    - Added lock menu on select rom, now locked by defaut and for speedup scrolling push button 3 + UP or DOWN
    - Added new core audio KONAMI
    - Added new core NEC CPU
    - Added fix and new games supported on MEGADRIVE
    - Added proper saving of cpu registers/variables to M6800/6801/6803/HD63701 core [dink]
    - Added support for NMK004. Special thanks to Trap15! [Trap15, Haze, iq_132]
    - Standardized CPU related functions [iq_132]
    - Fixed delta calculation and proper sample size checking in the MSM6295 core, fixes missing samples in some NMK004 games (and possibly others) [dink]
    - Fixed mixing distortion/crackles in K054539 sound core [dink]
    - Improved the quality of the voice samples in the K053260 sound core (The Simpsons and possibly other Konami games) [AWJ]
    - Added driver for DJ Boy [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Asterix [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Bishi Bashi and Super Bishi Bashi Championship Minigames[iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Dragonball Z and Dragonball Z 2 - Super Battle hardware [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's G.I. Joe [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Lethal Enforcers [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Mystic Warriors (and other games on the hardware) [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Shaolins Road [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa and Bucky O'Hare [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Yie-Ar Kung Fu [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Xexex [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Raiden II, Raiden DX, X Se Dae Quiz and Zero Team [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Colecovision games [iq_132, dink]
    - Added driver for Sega SG-1000 games [iq_132, dink]
    - Added Shogun Warriors and B.Rap Boys to Kaneko16 driver [iq_132]
    - Added Candory (James Greenhalgh) to the Pacman driver [iq_132]
    - Added bootleg of Street Fighter II - The World Warrior to the Capcom CPS-1 driver [barry, any, JacKc]
    - Added bootleg of Varth to the CPS-1 driver [Barry, Caius]
    - Added clone of 19XX: The War Against Destiny to the Capcom CPS-2 driver [system11, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Mega Man: The Power Battle to the Capcom CPS-2 driver [Asure, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers to the Capcom CPS-2 driver [palindrome, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Secret Agent to the Data East driver [ShouTime, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Added hack of Donkey Kong to the Donkey Kong driver [Clay Cowgill, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Fantasia to the Gals Panic [system11, JacKc]
    - Added clone of The Simpsons to the Konami Simpsons driver [Ben76, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Vendetta to the Konami Vendetta driver [caius, JacKc]
    - Added hack of The King Of Fighters '98 to the Neo Geo driver [JacKc]
    - Added hack of The King of Fighters '99 to the Neo Geo driver [JacKc]
    - Added hack of The King Of Fighters 2000 to the Neo Geo driver [JacKc]
    - Added clone of Robo Army to the Neo Geo driver [JacKc]
    - Added clone of Search Eye to the NMG5 driver [system11, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Ms. Pac-Man to the Pacman driver [elnaib (AUMAP), JacKc]
    - Added clone of Oriental Legend / Xi You Shi E Zhuan to the PGM driver [bytestorm, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Bonze Adventure (World, Prototype) to the Taito Asuka driver [Silvio Grazini, iq_132]
    - Added clone of Growl to the Taito F2 driver [barry]
    - Added clone of Jumping to the Taito Misc driver [barry]
    - Added clone of F-1 Dream to the Tiger Road driver [JacKc]
    - Added clone of Dr. Toppel's Adventure to the TNZS driver [caius, f205v, JacKc]
    - Added The Mojon Twins': UWOL Quest for Money to the Megadrive driver [dink]
    - Added SMB4MD 1.4.2 aka Super Mario Bros. port to the Megadrive driver [dink]
    - Added Atherbyte's Reflectron to the PCEngine driver [dink]
    - Added proper protection simulation to 1943 [iq_132]
    - Fixed The Irritating Maze [iq_132, JacKc]
    - Fixed boblbobl2 [Darq, iq_132]
    - Fixed Tail2Nose [iq_132]
    - Fixed and tweaked IREM M92 driver to get Ninja Baseball Batman running perfectly [iq_132, dink]
    - Fixed IRQ timing in Mustache Boy, now he runs at the right speed [dink]
    - Fixed skewed backgrounds in In the Hunt on IREM M92 [dink]
    - Fixed Kero Kero Keroppi's Let's Play Together (USA) [csmart, iq_132]
    - Fixed Robocop 2 Driving level and sprite offset [iq_132, dink]
    - Improvements to Data East's BackFire in single-screen mode [iq_132]
    - Konami driver-update - fixed sprite-priority problems and clipping. Added shadows. Affects Vendetta, Escape Kids, TMNT2 and more [iq_132]
    - Fix sprite flipping in the Konami K053247 core [iq_132]
    - Fixed text layer in Kotetsu Yousai Strahl [iq_132]
    - Fixed flickering score and player status in Sunset Riders [dink]
    - Fix statusbar and power-up message clipping in Bioship Paladin [dink]
    - NMK16 driver fixups: missing score line in tdragon, hachamfb and VanDyke, clipped text in Strahl [dink]
    - Tweaked the IRQ timing in the NMK16 driver to fix the Life-bar in VanDyke [dink]
    - Fixed missing top line in the game statusbar for Acrobat Mission, Air Attack, S.S. Mission (NMK16) [dink]
    - Fix and hook-up the seibusound device to the NMK16 bootlegs Thunder Dragon (tdragonb) and US AAF Mustang (mustangb) [iq_132]
    - Fixed missing sound in Galaga and Rally-X [barry]
    - Fixed music tempo in Raiden [iq_132, dink]
    - Fixed music in Air Duel on IREM M72 Hardware [dink]
    - Fixed sound in Dragon Master [iq_132]
    - Fixed clicks when firing and slow music tempo in S.S. Mission [dink]
    - Fixed Dolmen and Twin Action: sound banking issues (music disappears on level2+) [dink]
    - Fixed occasional hung sound in Green Beret [dink]
    - Added proper Seibu Sound device to Toki [iq_132]
    - Fixed sound panning in Cyber Tank [dink]
    - Updated kof99ae driver to 20140801 version [JacKc]
    - Megadrive timing and other improvements [barry, dink]
    - Megadrive window drawning fix (missing line in Streets of Rage) [barry]
    - Fixed Psy-O-Blade on Megadrive [iq_132]
    - Added protection patch for Puggsy on Megadrive [dink]
    - Fixed Megadrive Ghouls`n Ghosts (Euro, USA, Kor, Rev. A) (md_ghouls) and Ghouls`n Ghosts (Euro, USA) (md_ghouls1) [dink]
    - Fixed X-Men 2 and Moonwalker on Megadrive [dink, Freddy]
    - Fixed Alien Soldier (PAL) on Megadrive won't boot, is wrongly detected as NTSC [dink]
    - Fixed broken reset with some Megadrive games, get rid of the garbage line at the bottom of the screen [dink]
    - PCEngine sound-core and timing improvements [dink, barry]
    - Increased screen size by 2 pixels for PCEngine Side-Arms Hyperdyne [dink]
    - Fixed savestates for IREM M62 Hardware - Kung-Fu Master, The Battle Road, Lode Runner I - IV, LotLot, Kid Niki, Spelunker, Youjyuden and Horizon [dink]
    - Fixed savestates for Pac-Land, Sky Kid, Dragon Buster [dink]
    - Fixed savestates and Music for Baraduke, Alien Sector and Metro-Cross [dink]
    - Added more powerful BurnLoad function for loading roms [iq_132]
    - Added Alpha Blending/Transparency support to Neo Geo, CPS-1 and CPS-2 - supports Nebula/Kawaks-style blend (.bld) files [iq_132]
    - Added user configurable path for blend files and global enable/disable option [barry]
    - Added a shiny new Auto-Fire feature! [dink]
    - Input editor feature: clear input and clear-lock checkbox [dink]
    - Added option to disable support folder creation on creation [barry]
    - Added default rom paths for consoles to the folder creation startup routine [JacKc, barry]
    - Savestate Undo improvement: display an error message if there is nothing to be undone, don't undo the last savestate [dink]
    - Added ability to input-map Pause, FFWD, Save/Load/Undo States [dink]
    - Game selection dialog search box can now search hardware/system text (eg, NMK) [dink]
    - Tidy-up source code fixing compile warnings and portability issues [barry]
    - Synced sets with MAME 0.155 [barry, JacKc]

    - FBA for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - Fixed reset all settings, now he work.
    - Fixed memory liberation on GUI
    - Fixed loading bar on all filters render
    - Added all new previews for this version
    - Added patch for french keyboard (Azerty vs Qwerty)
    - Added internal locale
    - Added synchro sound on BoostyLibV2
    - Added driver for Psychic 5 [Barry, iq_132]
    - Added clone of Toki to the driver [JacKc]
    - Preliminary savestate support for the Megadrive driver [dink]
    - Fixed an issue with the Enhanced D3D blitter [dink]
    - Added driver for Sand Scorpion (this was actually in last release but missed the what's new) [iq_132]
    - Added hack of Samurai Shodown V to the Neo Geo driver [iq_132, JacKc]
    - Fixed collisions in Zero Team, game is now working and enabled in release builds [gamez fan, dink]
    - Note: Zero Team, Raiden II and Raiden DX need the insert-coin button to be held down a little longer than usual
    - Fixed sound in Shaolins Road driver [dink]
    - Fixed tilemap scrolling in Shaolins Road driver [barry]
    - Fixed service mode in Violent Storm [iq_132]
    - Fixed some Megadrive games where PAL auto-detection fails, if you already have settings saved for these games, then set dips to default in the dialog (Comix Zone, Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker, and Robocop v Termininator) [barry]
    - FBA for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - Added new speedup on libboostyV2, new release with this update [hunoppc]
    - Fixed GURU SG-1000 Hardware [hunoppc]
    - Fixed decoding roms on BE for SG-1000 Hardware now game playing correctly [hunoppc]
    - Add W.I.P driver of Snes (no speedup, no sound (DSP), no fast render, no fx mode) just preliminary hardware renderer (added 5 drivers of games) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed GURU SNES Hardware [hunoppc]
    - Fixed load and reload preview with joypad [hunoppc]
    - Added preliminary gfx of hardware games (megadrive, pcengine, snes, sg-1000, colecovision, supergrafx16, Turbografx16, jamma, PGM) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Key for Colecovision driver added start1 for 1 player and added select to key O and fire 3, 4, 5, 6 to Keys 3, 4, 5, 6 [hunoppc]
    - Added support .7z "sevenzip" work fine on engine now [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on wheels [hunoppc]
    - Fixed driver Tiger Road [hunoppc]
    - Added locale on GUI [hunoppc]
    - Added italian locale [samo79]
    - Added german locale [tommysammy]
    - Added spanish locale [Javier de las Rivas]
    - Added english locale [hunoppc]
    - Added french locale  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed uint64 problems on driver Hardware: Y-Board Power [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Power Drift [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Deco16 driver 90 % now all Data East games work with gfx, on the future W.I.P on layer 4 gfx and y axis of sprites [hunoppc]
    - Fixed TLCS90 core, calculate the timer period based on the clock [dink]
    - Fixed: the Z80 Vector should be reset to default on every reset Z80 Core [iq_132]
    - Fixed buzzing sounds in the DAC [iq_132]
    - Added multiple chip support to the YM3812 interface [barry]
    - Added driver for Alien Invader [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Knuckle Joe [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Mario Bros. [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Samurai Nihon-Ichi, VS Gong Fight, Mission 660, Go Go Mr. Yamaguchi, Nunchackun, and Lady Master of Kung Fu [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Capcom's Side-Arms, Turtle Ship, Dyger, Twin Falcons and Whizz [iq_132, dink]
    - Added driver for Space Invaders [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Tetris Pro. 2 [iq_132]
    - Added driver for XX Mission by UPL [iq_132]
    - Added Hammer Away to the Sega System 18 driver [barry, haze, Atro, _rm_ aka Ricardo Marques, 1up aka Daniel "casebres"]
    - Added clone of Darius to the Darius driver [barry, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Cobra Command (Japan, bootleg) to the Data East DEC8 driver [f205v, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Ninja Kid 2 - JT-104 to the Ninja Kid II driver [JacKc]
    - Added clone of Dragon World II (V100H, Hong Kong) to the PGM driver [iq_132, JacKc, rtw]
    - Added protection routines to Dragon World II (V100H, Hong Kong) in the PGM driver and marked as working [iq_132]
    - Added clone of Raiden II to the driver [rtw, Smitdogg, Kranser, Mucci, Dullaron, B2K24, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Dunk Shot to the Sega System 16B driver [JacKc, ShinobiZ & COY]
    - Added clones of Cadash to the Taito Asuka driver [ShouTime, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles driver [JacKc, caius]
    - Added clone of Battle Bakraid - Unlimited Version (China) (Tue Jun 8 1999) to the Topalan-2 driver [JacKc, Bill D, The Dumping Union]
    - Added clone of Vigilante to the Vigilate driver [iq_132, JacKc, system11]
    - Added clone of Xain'd Sleena to the driver[f205v, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Magic Bubble to the Yun Sung 16 driver [iq_132, JacKc, caius, The Dumping Union]
    - Added prototypes of Zombie Raid to the Zombie Raid driver [JacKc, iq_132]
    - WIP: Get sound working in Donkey Kong 3 - hook up the NES APU [iq_132]
    - Fixed sprite corruption in Alien Syndrome when playing with the keyboard and up+down or left+right is pressed at the same time [dink]
    - Fixed music playback speed in Arbalester [dink]
    - Fixed occasional loud weird buzzing noise (DAC) in Armed Formation [dink]
    - Fixed ymf278b sound in Asura Buster/Asura Blade [dink]
    - Fixed Battle Shark, Space Gun and Night Striker - hang on level 2+ [dink]
    - Black Tiger and F1 Dream: Lower SFX volume so the music can be heard better, add BurnYM2203SetPSGVolume macro to burn_ym2203.h [dink]
    - Fixed colors in Cuebrick [Alex Jackson]
    - Fixed Escape Kids Crashes during the boot sequence [dink]
    - Small music mixing improvement in ESP Ra.De [the shmup kings, dink]
    - Fixed choppiness in Gaiapolis on older pc's [dink]
    - Fixed Gradius 3 in 16-bit color modes [Gamez Fan, iq_132]
    - Fix misc. timing issues with Gradius 3 that appeared after the introduction of the new Musashi 68k core [barry, dink]
    - Fixed Drumroll fade-in in Gradius 3 [dink]
    - Fixed gun inputs in Konami's Lethal Enforcers, add a hack/gun-reload button [dink]
    - Fixed Layer alignment in Metamorphic Force, it improves the intro and first boss graphical effects [iq_132]
    - Fixed Moo Mesa and Xexex music out-of-key at 44100hz sample rate [dink]
    - Fixed the ear-piercing sounds in Nostradomus and Magical Cat Adventure [dink]
    - Fixed too much slowdown in Nostradamus, needs a little helping boost [dink]
    - Fixed Operation Thunderbolt: gunshot sfx can only be heard in the left speaker [dink]
    - Fixed music tempo/warped-record effect in Pang [dink]
    - Fix Psychic 5 default DIP settings [dink]
    - Fixed FB Alpha GFX Loading routine for Punch-Out!! and added correct color PROMs set for Super Punch-Out (Japan)!! [JacKc]
    - Fixed Sand Scorpion won't boot after Raiden II/DX [dink]
    - Fixed crash in Soko Nuke [dink]
    - Fixed graphical issues/corruption in Konami's Special Project Y (spy) [iq_132]
    - Fixed flickering status for players 2, 3 and 4 in Sunset Riders [dink]
    - Fixed Surprise Attack by Konami now runs at the right speed [dink]
    - Fixed music tempo/warped record effect in Trojan, Avengers, Section-Z, fix PCM/MSM5205 samples in Trojan [dink]
    - Fixed the sounds in Konami's Yie Ar Kung-Fu and Mikie - some SN76489A soundchip commands were getting skipped because the chip updates needed to be interlaced [dink]
    - Fixed Double Dragon II on Megadrive [dink]
    - Fixed Gargoyles and Ex-Mutants in Megadrive (TAS Callback with new Musashi) [barry]
    - Add Oh Mummy and Lego Batman to Megadrive, fix crash on Z80 <-> 68K communications [dink]
    - Fixed more Megadrive games where PAL auto-detection fails, if you already have settings saved for these games, then set dips to default in the dialog [JacKc]
    - Fixed crash in Samurai Showdown 5 and Garou with Alpha blend effects enabled [dink]
    - New feature: auto-hide crosshair after 4 seconds for lightgun games [dink]
    - Synced sets with MAME 0.156
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - Fixed problem on AHI and SDL-old sound engine  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed refresh on locale after reset all prefs  [hunoppc]
    - Added now fix of locale Spain and German
    - Fixed french keyboard on locale routine  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Deco16 games driver, just one problem on sprites layer (joe and mac) 98% of games are playable now [hunoppc]
    - Optimized a joystick support [hunoppc]
    - Fixed selection of button fire [hunoppc]
    - FBA R3 for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - Activate Keyboard on game ouppps!!! ;-)
    - FBA R4 for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - Fixed reload default locale after reset all prefs [hunoppc]
    - Optimised refresh screen for all filters [hunoppc]
    - Added informations of register key or not [hunoppc]
    - Fixed crash on hardwares sprites [hunoppc]
    - Added quit game on joystick with push button 1 and button 2 simultaneous [hunoppc]

    - FBA R5 for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - Added on game F5 for activated FPS or disabled [hunoppc]
    - Added on game F12 for activated Fullscreen or disabled [hunoppc]
    - Added text and name of game on savestate and loadstate [hunoppc]
    - Added on GUI F12 for activated Fullscreen or disabled [hunoppc]
    - Added internal HunoJoyWrapper GUI for joypads prefs [hunoppc]
    - Added on menu prefs HunoJoyWrapper GUI [hunoppc]
    - Added on locale prefs HunoJoyWrapper
    - Fixed AHI problem on R4
    - Added background on loading roms and error gfx
    - Include preliminary code for composite renderer on FBA emulator
    - Fixed demont front IGS rom loader, error fixed now working
    - FBA R6 for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - added command line options for registered LibBoostyGFXV2 [hunoppc].
            finalburnalpha.exe <game> [<parameters>]
              *exemple: finalburnalpha.exe roms/ --sound-sdl --samplerate=44100 --usagecpu=100 --showfps --fullscreen
            <game> - The game's romname with full path and extension
            --no-sound - Just be silent
            --sound-sdl - Use SDL for sound (mutex syncro)
            --sound-sdl-old - Use SDL for sound
            --sound-ahi - Use AHI for sound
            --samplerate=<Hz> - Valid values are: 11025, 16000, 22050, 32000 and 44100
            --usagecpu=<value> - usage cpu reduce: 0..100
            --showfps - Show frames per second while play
            --fullscreen - play eulator on fullscreen mode
            --rotate - rotate screen of emulator
       *exemple for rotate: finalburnalpha.exe roms/ --sound-sdl --samplerate=44100 --fullscreen --rotate 1
            --filter - select your filter effect, nofilter, uglyass, scale2x, simple2x, scale3xled, scanline2x, scanline3x, tv2x
            --create-lists write - writting zipname.fbaos and rominfo.fbaos4 with list of your all roms (descriptions, names etc..)
            --help please - all commands lines help
            --help about - all descriptions of devs teams
    -> For running truetypes fonts render : finalburnalpha.exe --ttf
    * --ttf option use direct GUI interface, by default FinalBurnAlpha GUI use original fonts
    - Added new filter Tv2X with routine optimized, on X1000 -30% usage CPU, on SAM440 -10% usage CPU [hunoppc]
    - Added new routine optimized on simple2x, on X1000 -30% usage CPU, on SAM440 -10% usage CPU [hunoppc]
    - Added new flip screen routine on game [hunoppc]
    - Added support ttf fonts renderer now and support all caracters [hunoppc]
    - Added greek.ttf generic.ttf titres.ttf and options.ttf fonts on archive (greek locale not activated for the moment, i wait for fixed file locale) [hunoppc]
    - Added 2 players mode (keyboard and joypads) now working [hunoppc]
    - Added prefs on config file for player 2 [hunoppc]
    - Added screenshot function with Key F10, copy screenshots on DIR .fba/shots [hunoppc]
    - Fixed centered previews [hunoppc]
    - Added ttf fonts on list of games [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on titre rom game on loop menu [hunoppc]
    - Fixed bug renderer ttf on HunoJoyWrapper GUI [hunoppc]
    - Fixed refresh on GUI [hunoppc]
    - Added 3D intro with sound for cool intro, for quit on loading just ESCAPE [hunoppc]*
    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - Added new routine for GameGear and MasterSystem roms (optimized render) [hunoppc]
    - Added new skin for GameGear and MasterSystem screen (low size on big screen), now is cool ;-) [hunoppc]
    - Added new gfx routine for SMS and GG [hunoppc]
    - Added on GUI option Force 60Hz for 60 Fps on all renderer [hunoppc]
    - Added new routine of sound for reduce a stream on no 60Hz (limited a big cut off sound renderer) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on saveprefs of individual game [hunoppc]
    - Force write default.cfg for demo mode and new .cfg automatic creation [hunoppc]
    - Added new mode demo on engine, automatic demo with a timeout on prefs GUI [hunoppc]
    - Added quit demo mode on use keypad [hunoppc]
    - Fixed --create-lists on command line, now is write  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed VS Block Breaker / Saru-Kani-Hamu-Zou on Super Kakeko Nova System is now fully working/playable [dink]
    - Fixed Ken-Go on Irem m72 hardware [dink]
    - Fixed graphics glitching/screen flashing in Mr. Heli / Battle Chopper [dink]
    - Fixed bad static/clipping noise on several Neo-Geo games (Art of Fighting, Football Frenzy, etc) with FM Interpolation [dink]
    - Fixed unclear/staticy sample/instruments in all games on Irem m72 hardware [dink]
    - Fixed sound in Renegade, replacing custom ADPCM with MSM5205 [barry, Alex Jackson]
    - Reduced MSVC compiler optimisation level (fixes Tetris Plus 2 and maybe others) [barry]
    - Fixed Thunder Dragon 2 sprite priorities and missing instruments/sounds [dink]
    - Fixed background glitching in level 2 of R-Type Leo [dink]
    - Fixed Turbo Force sprite priorities [dink]
    - Fixed broken music in Hammer Away level 2+, including a fix to the rf5c68 pcm core buffer handling [dink]
    - Fixed distorted music in Air Duel after the level 1 boss [dink]
    - Fixed Karnov - broken after updating to the latest Musashi core [dink]
    - Fixed Vapor Trail running too slow (vblank timing) [dink]
    - Fixed Land Stalker (Megadrive), hang after character selection [dink]
    - Fixed SFX and music in Bucky O'Hare, improve synchronization [dink, iq_132]
    - Fixed Sega GP Rider hang at start [dink]
    - Fixed highlights in Mystic Warriors and other konamigx games [iq_132]
    - Added driver for SunA 8-bit games: Hard Head, Hard Head 2, Super Ranger, Sparkman and Star Fighter [iq_132]
    - New Game Info feature, with history.dat support, pcb, marquee, in-game, boss, marquee, flyer, pcb and more [Barry]
    - Add Aetherbyte Santatlantean to the PC Engine driver [dink]
    - Misc. Konami driver cleanups [iq_132]
    - Preserve NEC v25/v35 decode pointer on state load/save, fixes savestate issues with Ken-go and other V25/V35 games that use encryption [dink]
    - Added driver for Tecmo Bowl [iq_132]
    - Fixed MSM5205 sound in Tecmo Bowl [barry]
    - Added driver for Zaxxon, Super Zaxxon and Congo Bongo [vbt, iq_132]
    - Added Fantasy Zone Time Attack bootleg to the Sega System-16B driver [Barry]
    - Fixed Battle Bakraid crash in level 5 at the first mid-boss [dink]
    - Added Battle Garegga Zakk version [dink]
    - Added clone of Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara (960208 Asia) [ArcadeHacker, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Fixed warped record tempo effect in Exed Exes and Vulgus [dink]
    - Fixed music and flipped screen-on-coinup issue in Terra Cresta [dink]
    - Fixed music in the game Blue Print [dink]
    - Added game Grasspin to the Blue Print driver [dink]
    - Added driver for Gulf Storm, The Last Day, Pollux, Blue Hawk, Sadari, Flying Tiger, Gun Dealer '94, Super-X, R-Shark and Pop Bingo on Dooyong hardware [iq_132]
    - Added Uncle Poo to the Jack and the Giantkiller driver [dink]
    - Added clone of Capcom World 2 (920611 Japan, alt) [Bonky0013, manimani, JacKc]
    - Added driver for Konami's Finalizer [iq_132]
    - Added clone of Battle K-Road (alternate sound) [Manuel Assoni, JacKc]
    - Slightly improved the music/sfx in Wyvern-F0 [dink]
    - Sync the Psychic5 driver romsets with MAME [JacKc]
    - Added driver for Konami's Rock 'n Rage [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Blades of Steel [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Jail Break [iq_132]
    - Added game Come Back Toto on Snow Bros. / Hyper-Pac hardware [system11, David Haywood]
    - Preserve AY8910 port handler pointers on state load/save, fixes savestate stability issues [dink]
    - Added driver for Konami's Battlantis [iq_132]
    - Fixed slowdowns/sprite flicker/crash on exit in several Dataeast Dec8 games [dink]
    - Added Birdie Try to the Dataeast Dec0 driver [gamezfan, dink]
    - Fixed the music tempo fluxuations in Vapor Trail and Crude Buster [dink]
    - Fixed mis-aligned sprite:bg layer in Vapor Trail [dink]
    - Fixed slowdowns in Air Buster [dink]
    - Improved the sound in 1942 [dink]
    - Fixed music in Pocket Gal Deluxe [dink]
    - Added driver for Konami's Labyrinth Runner / Trick Trap [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Iron Horse [iq_132]
    - Sega SG-1000 driver improvements - add games to the clone tree, fixed most non-working games [dink]
    - Hooked up Analogue steering for Konami GT, Red Force and Hyper Crash [dink]
    - Fixed lost irq state in the 68k core with savestates, fixes Gradius II's savestates [dink]
    - Added PuzzLove to the Silver Millenium driver [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Konami's Circus Charlie [iq_132]
    - Added clone of Side Arms - Hyper Dyne (US, 861202) [system11, JacKc]
    - Fixed graphics issues in Marine Boy level 4+ [dink]
    - Correct rom names for the Pang / Buster Bros. sets. [Bad A Billy, Smitdogg, Tormod, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Hook up filters to Pooyan and fix music [dink]
    - Added driver for Konami's Tutanham [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Roc 'n Rope [iq_132]
    - Added driver for MegaZone [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Time Pilot/Space Pilot [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Time Pilot '84 [iq_132]
    - Fixed music, sound and sprite flickering in Gyruss [dink]
    - Standardized IRQ status and RAM/ROM mapping amongst the cpu cores [iq_132]
    - Added ability to output to MONO in the sn76496 sound core [iq_132]
    - Fixed occasional missing explosion sound trigger in Galaga [dink]
    - Added Sengoku 3 / Sengoku Densho 2001 (Evolution 1.0, FCHT hack) [JacKc]
    - Fixed the alignment of the text layer in Pac-Land [dink]
    - Added the ability to change the samplerate of the MSM6295 at any time [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Legend of Makai, P-47, Kick Off, Takeda Shingen, Ninja Kazan, Astyanax, Hachoo!, Jitsuryoku!! Pro Yakyoo, Plus Alpha, Saint Dragon, RodLand, Phantasm, Avenging Spirit, Earth Defense Force, 64th Street, Soldam, Big Striker, Chimera Beast, Cybattler, Hayaoshi Quiz Ouza Ketteisen and Peek-a-Boo! on Jaleco Megasys1 hardware [iq_132]
    - Added CPU_IRQSTATUS_HOLD (like _AUTO but with long ACK) to the Z80 interface [dink]
    - Added the Sky Army tuturial driver [iq_132]
    - Added clone of Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors (Japan) (ARCADIA review build) [ShouTime, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Super Spacefortress Macross II / Chou-Jikuu Yousai Macross II (GAMEST review build) [ShouTime, JacKc]
    - Added driver for Sega Master System and Game Gear [dink]
    - Added blending effects to the tecmo16 driver to fix Riot's intro [iq_132]
    - Added clone of Gemini Wing (World, bootleg) [f205v, Tirino73, JacKc]
    - Added stereo capability and reset function to the SN76496 sound core [dink]
    - Added driver for Pandora's Palace on Konami GX328 hardware [iq_132]
    - Added preliminary driver for games on Alpha 68K hardware [barry]
    - Added dat file support for Sega Master System and Game Gear [barry]
    - Synced sets with MAME 0.159 [barry, JacKc]

    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - Added new function savestate on M68k core [hunoppc]
    - Fixed disable correctly demomode on load and run roms with user action [hunoppc]
    - Fixed timer on demo game now use one timer  with limit 60 FPS [hunoppc]
    - Added simple loop refresh on preview, bar, bg, wheel, hardware logo [hunoppc]
    - Added command line function For running truetypes fonts render : finalburnalpha.exe --ttf [hunoppc]
    * With --ttf option use direct GUI interface, by default FinalBurnAlpha GUI use original fonts for low machine (ttf is very slow)
    - Added dir "locale_nottf" (for no ttf locale) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed an error on locale loader [hunoppc]
    - Fixed save config of locale on change it, now it work fine [hunoppc]
    - Added individual videoflags for preliminary of Windows version for ALL users (now at the final, release 2 versions: Windows (FREEWARE) and AmigaOS4 (limited, FULL with LibBoostyGfx version 2.0.1 DONATIONWARE)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed menu HunoJoyWrapper, after quit now is return to the correct menu [hunoppc]
    - Fixed render Fonts TTF on GUI HunoJoyWrapper, now correct FPS, is limited to 60hz [hunoppc]
    - HunoJoyWrapper use now TTF render with no option --TTF [hunoppc]
    - Added UNALIGNED_WRITE(16/32) and UNALIGNED_READ(16/32) functions on 68K MUSASHI interface [hunoppc] 
    - Fix refresh on wheels (error on timer!!!) [hunoppc]
    - Fix Names of systems for Games and now my Wheels loading fine [hunoppc]
    - Added new options DIPSWITCH (partial support for the moment) [hunoppc]
    - Added new command line --loadingfbalist for speedup loading FinalBurnAlpha [hunoppc]
       * Before copy your all roms on folders
       * use --create-lists command line for create your list of your all games (he writting zipname.fbaos4 and rominfo.fbaos4 on the PROGDIR)
       * after launch fbaOS4.exe --loadingfbalist command line and enjoy
    - Added on Preliminary DIPSWITCH a new options:  [hunoppc]
      * ActivationFreePlay
      * ActivationCabinet
      * ActivationLives
      * ActivationDifficulty
      * ActivationAllowcontinue
      * ActivationFlipscreen
      * ActivationBonuslife
      * ActivationServicemode
      * ActivationDemosound
    - Fixed new menu for Preliminary DIPSWITCH, actived now with F11  [hunoppc]
    - Added 10 news renders effects  [hunoppc]
      * Dotmatrix
      * SimpleTv2x
      * Scanline50
      * Scanline100
      * Advmame2x
      * Bilinear
      * Super2xSai
      * SuperEagle
      * 2xsai
      * AdvTv2x
    - Fixed render effects for all new renderer (blitter) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed SDL_WM_SetCaption on all rendered windows  [hunoppc]
    - Removed thread on Input keyboard and joysticks  [hunoppc]
    - Removed render effect huglyAss, it's not usual now with all news renderer  [hunoppc]  
    - Fixed ConfigGameSave on all prefs of game selected  [hunoppc]
    - Increase buffer on player of theora video files  [hunoppc]
    - Added disable timerdemo after push credits buttons on demo mode for just test and playing game (Button 1 or button2), and after escape demomode restarting  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed freesurface with new functions   [hunoppc]
    - Optimized all new filter on render now it's OK   [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on DIP SWITCH for SG-1000 Hardware working now [hunoppc]
    - Fixed initialised JOYSTICK at startup of GUI for use this on it [hunoppc]
    - Fixed mode window/fullscreen on 320x240 working now  [hunoppc]
    - Added Reversing the directional keys for rotating a physical screen for horizontal game, use F8 key for this action now  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed freesurface of screen problem on quit blitter  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on DIPSWITCH Kaneko16, i have added patch on internal driver, working now  [hunoppc]
    - Disable all not worked drivers (Games issue, Graphics issue, various issue and sounds issue) and activate individual drivers after fixed [hunoppc]
    - Fixed on input, patch for console Hardware work now correctly on list of ALL Hardwares [hunoppc]
    - Added new locale powered by tommysammy "Thomas Blatt" and fix error of name description Deutch to Deutsch (excuse me for this error) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed blitter resolution of Video System Co V-System Hardware  [hunoppc]
    - Added two graphics for view Reversing the directional keys modes Horizotal and Vertical  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed DipSwitch problem on TAITO Hardware on Service Mode [hunoppc]
    - Disable driver named "hachamf" Hardware NMK16 and copy complete roms of to archive and now working fine[hunoppc]
    - Fixed DipSwitch problem on GALAXIAN Hardware on Service Mode [hunoppc]
    - Fixed DipSwitch problem on SNK68 Hardware on Service Mode [hunoppc]
    - Fixed DipSwitch problem on Kaneko (American Sammy license) on Service Mode [hunoppc]
    - Fixed blitter on DJ Boy (set 2) Kaneko (American Sammy license)[hunoppc]
    - Added option Active Dipswitch patch for activate or disable a Dipswitch prefs ( expérimental ) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed reload global default prefs after quit a emulate game, working fine now [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on logo of Hardware on demo mode at startup [hunoppc]
    - Added new GIFs engine for adding new cool animations on GUI (no activated for the moment on AmigaOS4 just on windows version) [hunoppc]
    - Added 7 anims GIFs on GUI for your eyes ;-)  (no activated for the moment on AmigaOS4 just on windows version)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed and added code for incorporate a new GIFs files on GUI (debug mode)  (no activated for the moment on AmigaOS4 just on windows version) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed liberation of GIFS surfaces  (no activated for the moment on AmigaOS4 just on windows version)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed all old graphics for the new graphics GIFs  (no activated for the moment on AmigaOS4 just on windows version)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed endian on GIF engine now (no activated for the moment on AmigaOS4 just on windows version)  [hunoppc]
    - Added  cps3 speedhack for the sh-2 cpu and other hardware use a sh-2 ( kaneko supernova & psikyo), cps3 run now with 60 fps on SAM440 @733mhz [hunoppc]
    - Fix Time Pilot '84 palette banking. [iq_132]
    - Added clone of Pang (bootleg, set 5) [f205v, Vincenzo Femia, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Daioh (prototype) [CoolMod, trap15, iq_132]
    - Added clone of Jigoku Meguri (Japan, hack?) [Tormod, JacKc]
    - Added driver for Vastar and Planet Probe [iq_132]
    - Fixed a handfull of broken games on Sega Master System [dink]
    - Added FM sound capability to the Sega Master System, better integration and remove external dependancies [dink, Barry]
    - Added ability to use CD-Quality soundtrack from the Sega Saturn version of DonPachi [iq_132, dink]
    - Added feature to trim silence at the end of looped samples in the sample playback core [dink]
    - Small improvement to the ESP Ra.De virtual mixer [dink]
    - Added Trap15's nice sheild warning mod DIP setting for GunNail [Trap15, dink]
    - Added clone of Same! Same! Same! NEW VER! (v1.00 by Trap15) [Trap15, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Ketsui Kizuna Jigoku Tachi (Arrange Mode version 1.7 by Trap15) [Trap15, JacKc]
    - Added Alex Kidd in Radaxian Rumble, Bruce Lee, DARC, Hong kil Dong and Lambo to the SMS driver [dink]
    - Added ZetSetSP() and fix ZetSetHL() in the z80 interface [dink]
    - Fixed Toki palette recalculation [iq_132, ArcadeTV]
    - Added more simulation to Chelnov's MCU [iq_132]
    - Fixed null file crash with T7Zipped romsets [Barry]
    - Added Metal Slug 2 - Super Vehicle-001/II Turbo(NGM-9410) (slowdown fix) [Trap15]
    - Fixed map raster effect rowscroll offset in Ninja Baseball Batman [dink]
    - Added clone of Hexion bootleg [System11, iq_132]
    - Added clone of Scramble (Centromatic S.A.) Spanish Bootleg [Manuel Giron, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Mutant Fighter (World EM-2) [Simon Dennison, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Dragon World 3 (ver. 103, Japan) [arcademodbios, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Red Hawk (Korea) [system11, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Robocop 2 (US v0.10) [Bill D, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Euro 960529) [fluxcore, idc/Team Avalaunch, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Hot Bubble (Korea) [system11, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Thunder Deity Biography (Chinese hack of Battle Garegga) [caius, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Willow (World) [Jets (from Emu-france) and Layer (from Neo-arcadia), JacKc]
    - Added clone of Adventure Quiz Capcom World 2 (Japan 920611, B-Board 91634B-2) [Bonky, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Battle K-Road (Korean PCB) [Manuel Assoni, JacKc]
    - Added clone of X-Men (2 Players ver UAB) [Andrew Welburn, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Fixed the eerie/droning background noise in Galaxian and King & Balloon [dink]
    - Fixed freeze after character selection in Oriental Legend Super [iq_132]
    - Synced sets with MAME 0.161 [barry, JacKc]

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - Fixed gui_load_cfg on game_load_cfg now loading correctly your favorite default prefs  [hunoppc]
    - Added Page UP and Page Down on list of games (thanks guillaume for this request), use key of keyboard PAGEDOWN and PAGEUP and F7 for Page Up [hunoppc]
    - Fix 2 libs SDL_images and libpng for errors and warnings on loading previews and wheels (faulty on os4depot, no respect a dependence and updates) now i have compiled my personal library's and he work fine. My old problems: warnings "iCCP: know incorrect sRGB profile" and crash with error "bad adaptive filter value", now enjoy.  [hunoppc]
    - Update and fix italian locale [samo79]
    - Added save a preview if not present on dir .fba/previews and not replace the original file if is present   [hunoppc]
    - Fixed crash after quit FBA, problem is for copymem on feature "cut a long names and limit to 80 caracters"   [hunoppc]
    - Fixed video clear after reload a new game [hunoppc]
    - Added limit of caracters on no blended ttf fonts [hunoppc]
    - Added internal png images for Dipswitch panel prefs, now no use a real png's on previews and wheels DIRs  [hunoppc]

    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    -Added new source code and games:
       -> lowpass2.cpp d_chanbara.cpp joyprocess.cpp d_jackal.cpp d_mouser.cpp d_qbert.cpp d_supridr.cpp d_chinagat.cpp d_docastle.cpp d_millipede.cpp d_mirax.cpp d_namcos86.cpp d_popeye.cpp d_warpwarp.cpp d_wiz.cpp nb1414m4.cpp [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Sms name of new roms [hunoppc]
    - Fixed all SMS (MasterSystem) warnings [hunoppc]
    - Fixed and add samples functions for all games supported this render audio, ex: Zaxxon (sega), Donpachi (CAVE), copy a data .wav on ZIP file to .fba/samples and enjoy   [hunoppc]
    - Activated now High sound wav for donpachi CAVE if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for Ghox Toaplan if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for tekipaki Toaplan if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for vimana Toaplan if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for fireshrk Toaplan if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for Qbert if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for zaxxon if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for dkongjr if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now tr606 drum kit effects sounds wav for IREM M62 if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for galaga if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for invaders if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for mario if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for rallyx if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for congo if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Activated now High sound wav for dkong if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:

    - Activated now High sound wav for dkongjr if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Fixed crash after NamcoSoundExit now it working fine [hunoppc]
    - Added snapshot a preview if not present on dir .fba/previews for your best emulator ;-), action with F9 key  [hunoppc]
    - Update CAPCOM 1 et 2  games + engine  [hunoppc]
    - Update Cave games  [hunoppc]
    - Update megadrive engine  [hunoppc]
    - Update neogeo engine (support new bios) [hunoppc]
    - Update pgm engine + games [hunoppc]
    - Update mc8123 engine on SEGA Hardware [hunoppc]
    - Update galaxian engine + games [hunoppc]
    - Added on left and right Arrows jump 6 by 6 games for speedup your navigation (zzd10h and Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed screen reversing key with F8 at quit a game now is reset by default  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed WAV sound on big endian machine, now he read correctly all sounds wav's, just problem of liberation after quit a game it's not possible reload a wav sound (quit emulateur and re-launching for use sound wav effects) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed fullscreen mode on CMD command for launching a game with --fullscreen option, now he work fine [hunoppc]
    - Fixed on SNES List of games, disabled Page Up and Page Down [hunoppc]
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc].
    - Fixed problem on fullscreen after push F12 (double action for window mode) now fixed (bug find by Samo79)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem clear screen buffer on PAUSE mode, now video buffer not clear on PAUSE (bug find by Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on FRAMESKIP option on GUI (error on the code) (bug find by Tommysammy) [hunoppc]
    - Added for Neogeo MVS and AES option change your BIOS, added automatically on neogeo ROMS, select your Bios and he save it on your configuration of your game. He working on no-dipswitch and dipswitch patch, enjoy now. (proposed by Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Re-Activate add Rom in favorites list  [hunoppc]
    - Added version of FinalBurn Alpha on a GUI now  [hunoppc]
    - Removed this action: "Fixed on SNES List of games, disabled Page Up and Page Down" [hunoppc]
    - Fixed limit of Page Up and Page Down to 6 names of games [hunoppc]
    - Added on F3 key limitation to : All, Missing, Available, Favorites [hunoppc]
    - Fixed text and information on mode Missing and Favorites [hunoppc]
    - Added new preview logo for Missing and Favorites roms [hunoppc]
    - Small fix on joystick left and right action for limit locks on games (on player 1 and 2) [hunoppc]
    - New video with large 3D effect with new year 2016 [hunoppc]
    - Now a render for windows is full 32bits Double Buffer and Hardware render (for GUI and for Emulators), a good quality on the games.  [hunoppc]

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 13/01/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed KeyUP for this KEYS : KEYPAD_FPS and KEYPAD_FULLSCREEN  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed KeyDOWN for this KEYS : KEYPAD_FPS and KEYPAD_FULLSCREEN  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem select games with keyboard on FILTER ALL GAMES  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on filter F3 and F4 on keyboard  [hunoppc]
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 16/01/2016  [hunoppc] 
    - Added new stacksize  [hunoppc]
    - Added new implementation of the standard library function memcpy, now memcopy is fastest (little endian and big endian only), support of altivec for powerpc G4 and X1000 (autodetect ALTIVEC at startup)   [hunoppc]
    - Added new core of joystick, rewriting all code for remove a locks axis (actually just one joystick for betatest)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed libpng  [hunoppc]
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 17/01/2016  [hunoppc] 
    - Added new code for a joystick number 2 now, no lock he working fine  [hunoppc]
    - Removed all old code of joysticks  [hunoppc]
    - Now 2 versions of executable : one for no-Altivec machines and one for Altivec machine (removed autodetect at startup, problems on non altivec machines)  [hunoppc]
    - Now i have added a fastmemcpy to all source code of fba (code ALTIVEC for G4 and X1000 and optimized code for others machines)  [hunoppc]
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 23/01/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Added BIOS dir on Roms dir and code for working with this new directory (registered version and demo version)  [hunoppc]
    ym2608-zip and other... (proposed by Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed path of roms for demo version on config file [hunoppc]
    - Removed all BIOS names on list menu and on option for show BIOS with F5 [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Missing and Favorites text on selected options filters by types (now a text is correct) [hunoppc]
    - Added using F8 as PageDown on a GUI (proposed by Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed error on KEY 5 for add the second player, wrong key (BIOS) as deleted (error by me after test all effects keybord for problems on joysticks locks) (reported by zzd10h and confirmed by Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed all gifs effects on framerate (unlimited now), my routine pilot all frame and render  [hunoppc]
    - All endianess problems on gifs anims as fixed now and prepare now code threaded for amigaos4 waiting  [hunoppc]
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 30/01/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed command line --filter, now he work fine and it forced on the code
    exemple command line with this option : finalburnalpha.exe roms/ --sound-sdl --samplerate=44100 --usagecpu=100 --showfps--sound-sdl --samplerate=44100 --filter scale2x --fullscreen
    - Added new render: OpenGL  [hunoppc]
    Now blitter is speedup with Hardware render (on PC and X1000)
    - Added effect OpenGL on GUI  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed F12 fullscreen/window on filter Opengl, now opengl context is reload correctly  [hunoppc]
    - Added filters 2 options on OpenGL render, with simple render linear (glsimple) and with filter nearest (glfilter) [hunoppc]
    - Added liberation of context OpenGL after quit FBA GUI [hunoppc]
    - Fixed commandline for option --fullscreen with filters
    - Fixed input code on commandline, now input device working fine on game
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 31/01/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Added new option for skip intrologo --betatest [hunoppc]
    - Fixed start with a trashed graphics (reported by Samo79) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed and optimized flip screen and refresh on engine [hunoppc]

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 04/02/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed LockMutex and UnlockMutex problem on all Sam460 with render SDL sound engine (run normaly now)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Version and release with workbench, information->version now return a correct informations of executable (reported by Samo79)   [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on default.cfg all prefs are NULL, now he work fine (reported by Lio) [hunoppc]
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 06/02/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Added now all text on full TTF with command --ttf (Register, version, all prefs options)  (reported by Samo79)  [hunoppc]
    - Added new locale  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed all problems on locale files ttf and no_ttf (reported by Pseudaxos)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on FPS key (F5)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed on videoclear a black ground after F5 FPS disable  [hunoppc]
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 14/02/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Added new font colored (yellow) on back of this locale (ttf mode):  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed reload preview with joystick button 6 and 7 after Favorite and Available  [hunoppc]
    - Activated Animated Gifs for GUI on AmigaOS4  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed other problems on endianess of GIF engine  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed loading and release GIF mode on the GUI  [hunoppc]
    - Added FreeSurface of Gif's after quit GUI  [hunoppc]
    - Added Quit TTF engine on GUI now  [hunoppc]

    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 06/03/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Steel Force ( graphics corruption, now he work fine [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Release 2 on About GFX Mode  [hunoppc]
    - Added internal libs code on FBA engine:  [hunoppc]
    *lib SDL_gfx
    *lib SDL_image
    *lib SDL_ttf
    *lib freetype2
    *lib png
    - Added OPTION_FBA_FRAMESKIP on start game menu  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed read good prefs of frameskip after loading menu option fba for game  [hunoppc]
    - Added security on PNG load image, now return error on GUI with no crash (windows and amigaos4 version)  [hunoppc]
    - Added new image xpm on internal code:  [hunoppc]
    *errorPNG (previews images)
    *errorWHEEL (wheels images)
    - Working on KONAMI hardware  [hunoppc]
    *88games working now
    *xmen working now
    *trick trap working now
    *time pilot working now
    *rack 'em up working now
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 08/04/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Added protector => PNG load empty file  [hunoppc]
    - Added protector => check is PNG file  [hunoppc]
    - Added new BEZELFX filter for the fun and now it's very unique on AmigaOS4. BEZELFX is 3 gfxs parts, one for cabinet, one for overlay screen and one for a skin of game.  [hunoppc]
    - Added new logo BEZELFX on preview for skin is present on dir  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed TTF problem on HunoJoyWrapper, now he work with new library  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed fps counter on a left screen for vertical game for BEZELFX  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed BEZELFX  filter on vertical games, now is automatic activated  [hunoppc]
    - Added 204 BEZELFX on a DIR .fba/bezels  [hunoppc]
    - Added Wheel for a Driving Games and Paddles for a normal games on BEZELFX  [hunoppc]

    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 25/04/2016  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed CPU m6800   [hunoppc]
    - Added new function m68k_check_shouldinterrupt on CPU M68K for SEGA MEGADRIVE   [hunoppc]
    - Optimised hack on SH2   [hunoppc]
    - Added Z80SetIRQHold on Z80 CPU   [hunoppc]
    - Added SekShouldInterrupt on interface 68K CPU (CPU_IRQSTATUS_HOLD)   [hunoppc]
    - fixed kaneko_tmap kaneko_view2_draw_layer   [hunoppc]
    - Updated Seibu sound hardware module   [hunoppc]
    - Updated YM2151 sound driver   [hunoppc]
    - Updated YM2203 sound driver   [hunoppc]
    - Updated namco sound driver   [hunoppc]
    - Updated pgm asic25 core   [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problems on loading wav (problem on reload a file after quit game) now working   [hunoppc]
    - Added new core MEGADRIVE   [hunoppc]
    - Updated DEC0 on DataEast Hardware   [hunoppc]
    - Updated GALAXIAN core and driver   [hunoppc]
    - Updated NEOGEO games and Uni-bios 3.2   [hunoppc]
    - Added new drivers games: [hunoppc]
    d_appoooh, d_battlane, d_bbusters, d_cabal, d_himesiki, d_lasso, d_mainsnk.o d_mrjong.o d_munchmo.o d_safarir.o d_snk.o, d_rollrace
    - Fixed Blitter for 512x448 to 320x240 NINTENDO (like Classic Popeye) [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem favorites option on GUI NoTTF [hunoppc]
    - Added driver gaelco2 [hunoppc]
    - Fixed sound timer on d_pass driver [hunoppc]
    - Fixed speed on d_sandscrp driver [hunoppc]
    - Fixed d_seta driver [hunoppc]
    - Fixed bigendian on d_vmetal driver [hunoppc]
    - Activated now High sound wav for safarir if you have on .fba/samples/   [hunoppc]
    On archive please add this files named with no space:
    - Added sample archive on a bundle sample for FinalBurn Alpha AmigaOS4 [hunoppc]
    - Fixed command line problem with no command line -> --usagecpu, now he launch correctly  [hunoppc]
    - W.I.P blitter NINTENDO 224x448 to 320x240  driver PunchOut now render is no distord  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on HunoJoyWrapper Graphic interface with TTF font surface  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed BurnSamplesSetLoop() in the sample core [dink]
    - Added the Toki devlopers' debug mode to Toki [dink]
    - Added several behind-the-scene improvements to the Galaga/Dig-Dug driver [dink]
    - Fixed a crash-situation with the Namco sound-core that only seemed to affect 64bit systems [dink, Gab75]
    - Capcom CPS3 is now friendly towards slower/embedded systems (Raspberry Pi etc.) [dink]
    - Fixed Capcom's The Speed Rumber: broken Boot-up messages, random slowdowns, screen priority issues [dink]
    - Fixed music in SD Gundam Psycho Salamander [dink]
    - Fixed extra buttons in Olds [iq_132]
    - Fixed music in Haunted Castle [dink, SNK_Dude]
    - Fixed missing tiles in Sand Scorpion due to incorrect 2-D pointer indexing in kaneko_tmap.cpp, possibly improving other games that use this. [dink]
    - Fixed missing music in Pass level 3+ [dink]
    - Fixed music tempo in Nostradamus [dink]
    - Fixed Skyarmy, sometimes the bridge-piece chinook (heli w/2 props) doesn`t deliver the pieces when at home base. [dink]
    - Fixed Oki MSM6295 banking in Shadow Force [dink]
    - Fixed a crash issue when using savestates in Taito's Master of Weapon [dink]
    - Fixed music in Knuckle Bash 2 [dink]
    - Fixed Oops: forgot to mark Air Duel's parent as Working. [dink]
    - Fixed missing sprites in ZigZagb [dink, Zazzone]
    - Fixed endgame boss & stage 6 boss in Nostradamus [dink, Haze]
    - Fixed doorway/scene transitions in Tiger Road [iq_132]
    - Fixed graphics issues in Varia Metal [iq_132, dink]
    - Added unicode titles and service dips to several Toaplan games [BisonSAS]
    - Fixed sprite priority issues in Blood Brothers, most notably in the mine-level [dink]
    - Fixed music updated palette handling in Mysterious Stones [dink]
    - Fixed the bitmap layer alignment in Chak 'n Pop [dink]
    - Added the breakable-background fix to 64th Street [Haze]
    - Fixed PCM sounds in Rohga / Wolf Fang [dink]
    - Fixed crash in Shadow force in the Laboratory level when the bridge breaks apart [dink, Pityesz]
    - Fixed clicking noise when a replayed input ends [dink]
    - Fixed many Megadrive games: The Chaos Engine, Ooze, Rock 'n Roll Racing, Outrunners, Buck Rogers, Dragon Slayer I & II, Krusty's Super - Funhouse, S.S. Lucifer, The Earth Defense, Super Mario Bros. and Battle City, Klax, Feng Shen Ying Jie Chuan (Chi), Tiny Toon Adventures 3, Back to the Future part III (USA), Mickey Mania and possibly others. [dink]
    - Mega Megadrive Overhaul pt.2: [dink]
        Added support for mid-frame palette changes (For water effects in Sonic, Rocket Knight Adventures, Burning Force scrolls now..etc.)
        Fixed audio glitches in Doom Troopers and Battle Squadron
        Fixed Mickey Mania Moose level
        Fixed Sonic 3D jittery SEGA logo
        Fixed flickering in Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II and Gunstar Heroes
    - Enabled Hi-Score saving in most classic/pre-90's Capcom games [dink]
    - New Rotary-button feature for Midnight Resistance, Heavy Barrel, Ikari/Victory Road and other games in the new SNK 3xZ80 driver, Ikari III, SAR Search and Rescue and Jackal [dink]
        When this button is pressed: rotary direction becomes joystick direction
    - Fixed some screen-related quirks in the legendary classic: Ambush [dink]
    - Fixed Donkey Kong III save states [dink]
    - Fixed sample engine broken since the last version of FBAlpha [dink]
    - Fixed graphics and timing issues in Gradius III [dink]
    - Fixed some issues with the cheat engine - some cheats would not disable [dink]
    - Fixed coin inputs for Kamen Riders [dink, Gab75]
    - Fixed music in Guardians / Denjin Makai II [dink]
    - Fixed music in The Punisher (change cps1 qsound cpu to proper 8mhz) [dink]
    - Fixed music in Karnov's Revenge [dink]
    - First integration of original engine Snes9x in FBA, just command line working for the moment with original filter at snes9x and .zip and .7z not supported (W.I.P) AmigaOS4 [hunoppc]
      * running with this exemple :
      -> fbasdl.exe --snes9x run -v2 "robocop3.sfc" 
    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 30/01/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Full filters integration of snes9x AmigaOS4 on FBA [hunoppc]
    - For snes games use standard options of FBA on command line
    - Added Favorites logo on GUI AmigaOS4 [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on code for menu selected AmigaOS4 [hunoppc]
    - fixed crash after launch MSX games AmigaOS4 [hunoppc]
    - Shots Factory update: esc to close window, change "All Sprites" to "Layer 1" [dink]
    - Fixed Palette Viewer color issues [dink]
    - Fixed Clear and ClearLock for Analogue & Mouse in the Input Editor [dink]
    - Fixed regression in FB Alpha v0.2.97.38 for E.D.F. : Earth Defense Force (Parent and Clones) [dink]
    - Fixed graphics issues for Heavyweight Champ (Japan, FD1094 317-0046 decrypted) in SEGA System16B driver [JacKc]
    - Haunted Castle is most likely-probably fixed now (sorry!) [dink]
    - Fixed Van Van Car [dink]
    - Added nsc8105 mcu support to the m6800 cpu core [dink]
    - Fixed road issues with Turbo Outrun [Barry]
    - Added i8051 mcu core [iq_132]
    - Fixed rowscrolling issues in Caveman Ninja (tree level and ending), Joe and Mac Returns (ending), Mutant Fighter intro [dink]
    - Sync. romsets with MAME 0.175 [Barry]
    - Fixed sprite issues on the Hacha Mecha Fighter bootleg titlescreen [dink]
    - Added SN76477 soundcore [dink]
    - Fixed explosions and missing SFX in Stratovox / Speak and Rescue by hooking up the SN76477 soundcore [dink]
    - Fixed sound in Porky [dink]
    - Fixed booting & DIP issues with Main Event (SNK) [dink]
    - Fixed P2 inputs in Cabal [dink]
    - Fixed Gwar (Japanese version) [dink]
    - Fixed the apple sprite in Pooyan [dink, Zazzone]
    - Fixed the music tempo in Darkseal and used this new fix for Vapor Trail and Crude Buster as well [dink, Gab75]
    - Fixed Konami's The Main Event, it had sprite and priority issues (K052109 custom) [dink]
    - Fixed Highlight mode in Sunset Riders, fix also needed by Chequered Flag [iq_132, dink]
    - Operation Wolf, allow continue by default [dink, gamezfan]
    - Fixed Warriors of Fate 3rd fire button on clones [gxb]
    - Improved the speed of the search function [dink]
    - Fixed crash loading a savestate or replay while a different game is running [dink]
    - Improved desynch issues with netplay and input recording of Capcom CPS1, CPS2, PGM and certain Cave games [dink]
    - Fixed possible crash with Battle Bakraid loading a state when the game isn't running [dink]
    - Fixed choppy sound on music fade-outs in DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm [dink]
    - Fixed gear shifting in Continental Circus [dink, Gab75]
    - Temporary work-around to Data East Backfire! to prevent crash [dink]
    - Under some circumstances certain macros could not be mapped [dink]
    - Fixed "smoke" and "dust" sprites in Super Hangon [dink]
    - Fixed crash when dieing in certain situations in Bonze Adventure [dink]
    - Fixed gear shifter in Contental Circus, Chase HQ, SCI, Racing Beat, Double Axle and Top Speed [dink]
    - Fixed missing SFX and graphics glitches in Top Speed [dink]
    - Fixed the adventure world in UFO Senshi Yohko Chan [dink]
    - Fixed video issues with savestates for certain Kaneko Supernova games [dink]
    - Fixed some broken sprites in Guwange [dink]
    - Fixed the big alien in Turbo Force (revisited) [dink]
    - Fixed remaining lives issue in Woodpecker [dink]
    - Fixed missing line of pixels at the top of the screen in Air Gallete [dink]
    - Fixed some missing samples in Seta games w/ X1-010 soundchip [dink]
    - Fixed crash issue with X1-010 soundchip and 64bit systems [dink, Gab75]
    - Fixed graphics issues in US AAF Mustang and Twin Action in the NMK16 driver [dink]
    - Fixed analog controls and shifting in Konami GT / RF2 and Hyper Crash [dink]
    - Fixed crash issue with xx-in-1 Megadrive pirate carts [dink]
    - Fixed "BAD HARDWARE" issue with Arkanoid [dink]
    - Fixed life counter in Zzyzzyxx [dink]
    - Fixed dips and possible crash issue on 64bit systems with the Seta2 hunting games [dink]
    - Fixed the HUD face icon in Warrior Blade [dink]
    - Fixed several graphics issues in Gaiapolis [dink]
    - Fixed transparent color issue in Metamorphic Force and Violent Storm [dink]
    - Added YM2610 ADPCM samplebanking support for KOF98AE [dink]
    - Fixed choppy scrolling on the left side of the screen in Blazing Star [dink]
    - Fixed minor graphic glitch in X-Men [dink]
    - Fixed Funky Bee and Sky Lancer palette issues [dink]
    - Fixed timing issues in Martial Champion, now works but with graphical issues [dink]
    - Updated the cheat engine to support more modes: Watch, Wait for Modification, Level Selection and One-Shot [dink]
    - Fixed "Break the Statue" text in Metamorphic Force and spotlight on the belly dancer in Violent Storm [dink]
    - Fixed oddly-placed black lines and opaque windows in Lethal Enforcers [dink]
    - Fixed several bugs in the Konami-scc (K051649) core [dink]
    - Updated the Quiz Olympic driver [iq_132]
    - Updated the TMS9928a vdp to a newer core/line-based version [dink]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II' - Magic Delta Turbo (bootleg set 4 (with YM2151 + 2xMSM5205), 920313 etc) [f205v, maru79, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (920313 etc bootleg set 3) [f205v, maru79, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (920313 etc bootleg set 4) [f205v, maru79, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (920313 etc bootleg set 5) [Janniz, f205v, JacKc]
    - Added clone of 1945k III (older, OPCX1 PCB) [system11, iq_132]
    - Added clone of Operation Thunderbolt (World, rev 1) [Muddymusic, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Fighting Fantasy world rev. 3 [bmcphail, JacKc]
    - Added clone of The NewZealand Story (US, old version) (older PCB) [Alex Cmaylo, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Metamorphic Force (ver AAA) [Abelardo Vidal, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge (Japan 940311) [undamned, ShouTime, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Air Gallet (Europe, older) [Artemio Urbina, JacKc]
    - Added clone of New Zero Team (V33 SYSTEM TYPE_B hardware) [caius, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (US 4 Players, version H) [The Iron Goat, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Gulf Storm (Korea) to the Dooyong driver [system11, JacKc]
    - Updated The King of Fighters '99 (15th Anniversary Edition) to 20160827 Build [JacKc]
    - Updated The King of Fighters '98 (Combo/Ivex Hack) to 20161004 Build [JacKc]
    - Added clone of Street Fighter (Japan, pneumatic buttons) [ShouTime, Smitdogg, Jan Stuhler, Paul Thacker, Sean Sutton, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Added 2 new Phoenix clones: Amstar Set 2 and Condor (S C Novar bootleg of Phoenix) [f205v, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Bubble Bobble: Ultra (Hack by Penta Penguin) [dink]
    - Added clone of Demon's World / Horror Story (set 2) [Sugoi Helsinki, JacKc]
    - Added clone of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Asia 4 Players, version ?) [Abelardo Vidal, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Added Triki Triki (Lover Boy bootleg) [Rafael Alonso (from ARCADE VINTAGE), JacKc]
    - Added Mercenario (Commando bootleg) [Rockman, JacKc]
    - Added Super Street Fighter II: The Tournament Battle (Japan 931005) [ShouTime, JacKc]
    - Added Mutant Warrior ( Altered Beast Datsu bootleg) [The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    - Added Shogun Warriors (Korea?) to the Kaneko 16 driver [Barry]
    - Added Dai Makai Mura debug edition to the PCE-SGX driver [dink]
    - Added Jungler, Tactician, Commando (Sega) & Loco-Motion to the RallyX driver [dink]
    - Added Bang!, Snowboard Championship and Touch 'n Go (Korea, Unprotected) to the Gaelco2 driver [dink, iq_132]
    - Added '96 Flag Rally to the 1945kiii driver [dink]
    - Added Mega Q-Bert to the Megadrive driver [dink]
    - Added Sega Master System Brawl to the Megadrive driver [dink]
    - Added Bomb on Basic City by vetea to the Megadrive driver [dink]
    - Added Bara Buru to the Sega MasterSystem driver [dink]
    - Added Data Storm to the Sega MasterSystem driver [dink]
    - Added Deluxe 4 U and Deluxe 5 to the ESD16 driver [JacKc]
    - Added Super UWOL! SG-1000 to the SG-1000 driver [dink]
    - Added driver for Parallel Turn [iq_132, dink]
    - Added driver for Breakthru and Darwin 4078 [iq_132, dink]
    - Added driver for Crazy Climber, Guzzler, Swimmer, River Patrol, Silver Land and Yamato [dink, iq_132]
    - Added driver for Zodiack, Mogu Chan, Dogfight, The Bounty, The Percussor. [dink]
    - Added driver for Dr. Micro [dink]
    - Added driver for Seicross, Radical Radial and Frisky Tom [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Calorie Kun [iq_132, dink]
    - Added driver for Jr. PacMan [iq_132, dink]
    - Added driver for Burger Time, Lock 'n Chase, Bump 'n Jump / Burnin' Rubber, Minky Monkey, Disco no.1 [dink, iq_132]
    - Added driver for Metal Freezer [Angelo Salese, iq_132]
    - Added driver for Fast Freddie / Fly Boy, Jump Coaster, Boggy '84, Red Robin, Imago [dink, iq_132]
    - Added driver for Heavy Unit [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Dangar, Galivan and Ninja Emaki [iq_132]
    - Added driver fot The Deep [Lucia Elia, iq_132]
    - Added driver for Zero Team 2000, New Zero Team and Raiden2DX v33 [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Chequered Flag [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Naughty Boy, Pop Flamer, Trivia Master/Genius [iq_132, dink]
    - Added driver for Cheeky Mouse [dink]
    - Added driver for Zodiack, Mogu Chan, Dogfight, The Bounty, The Percussor [dink]
    - Added driver for Jaleco's City Connection [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Phoenix & Pleiads [iq_132, dink (sound)]
    - Added driver for Syusse Oozumou [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Aeroboto / Formation Z [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Syvalion, Tetristh, Record Breaker and Dynamite League on Taito H hardware [iq_132]
    - Added driver for Track and Field / Hyper Olympic, Masters of Kin, Reaktor and Yie Ar Kung-Fu (GX361 conversion) [iq_132, dink]
    - Added driver for Gigas, Freekick, Counter Run and Perfect Billiard [vbt]
    - Added driver for MSX1-based games [dink]
    - Added driver for Konami's Ping Pong [iq_132]
    - Added driver for One + Two [iq_132]
    - Fixes Magical Tree in SG-1000
    - Fixes the Radar screen in Colecovision Defender
    - Updated the Sunset Riders protection chip emulation, fixes walking on slanted surfaces [Angelo Salese]
    - Fixed the sprite offsets in Konami's Vendetta/Crime Fighters [dink]
    - Fixed the roms of Moon Alien 2 (Older Version) [JacKc]
    - Added configurable clipping to generic tile drawing [iq_132]

    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 05/02/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Added lock and unlock surface on filters render  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed fba.ini, added new dir MSX roms  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed fullscreen save option on individual .cfg  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problems on screen surfaces  [hunoppc]
    - Added new function : benchmark for individual filter or all filters  [hunoppc]
    - Added Snes9x on FBA engine for AmigaOS4 [hunoppc]

    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 21/03/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed launch rom SG1000 at the first emulator on the GUI
    - Bar progress with filter = SkinFX now working fine
    - Fixed Seibu blitter on 320x256
    - Fixed problem on sound with Snes9x emulator
    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 21/03/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on freesurface with Snes9x after load progress bar  [hunoppc]
    - Added information of Buttons for choice differents filters on GUI (thank for LIO)  [hunoppc]
    - Disable progress bar on SNES emulator (is fastest and progress bar is not important)  [hunoppc]
    - Added 560 games drivers on internal SNES9X for FBA AmigaOS4 for your preasure  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed and added all previews just for FBA AOS4  [hunoppc]
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 17/05/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed 4 name of SNES drivers (problems on list of games)[hunoppc]
    - Fixed Hardware Logo on MSX [hunoppc]
    - Fixed indianess problems on IREM HARDWARE M62 M63 M72 M90 M92 M107 (types GX)
    - Fixed NEC CPU working fine now [hunoppc]
    - SpeedHack on SH2 hardware CPS3, Psikyo, supernova [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Raiden driver[hunoppc]
    - W.I.P Raiden 2 and GX [hunoppc]

    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 21/05/2017  [hunoppc]
    - New SH2 Core for speedup games [hunoppc]
    - Fixed MEGADRIVE free roms [hunoppc]
    - Added Taito System-L hardware[hunoppc]
    - Added driver for Taito System-L (Fighting Hawk, Raimais, Champion Wrestler, Puzznic, Kuri Kinton, Evil Stone, etc) [iq_132]
    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 17/06/2017  [hunoppc]
    - New Hardware Nintendo NES has added, core of FCEUX emulator (W.I.P) request by DAVEBRACO [hunoppc]
    - Fixed loading new internal driver for NES games [hunoppc]

    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 17/07/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Added on the NES Driver : 617 Roms for the moment   [hunoppc]
    - Added 617 previews of new Romset Nes   [hunoppc]
    - Added new menu Filters for NES emulator FCEUX   [hunoppc]
    - Fixed loading Filters on the menu of GUI   [hunoppc]

    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 30/07/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Added new logo FBA created by my children Matthis (15 Years), big thanks at you for your hard work for me [hunoppc]
    - Added all new animations for new theme of FBA GUI[hunoppc]
    - Added 2 new themes integrate now on GUI [hunoppc]
    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 31/07/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Added new graphics elements on GUI (Keys logo)[hunoppc]
    - Added new prefs theme_gui on frontend.cfg config file, now choice 3 differents thèmes.
      *The name of the first theme_gui is :  The BoinGuest Alpha, select theme_gui to 0 [hunoppc]
      *The name of the first theme_gui is :  The PrehistoricGuest Alpha, select theme_gui to 1 [hunoppc]
      *The name of the first theme_gui is :  The BoinGuest Bravo, select theme_gui to 2 [hunoppc]
      *The name of the first theme_gui is :  The PrehistoricGuest Bravo, select theme_gui to 3 [hunoppc]
    - Added new option Skin GUI on Filter setting (GUI) for select your skin
    - Added new video with a new logo of FBA AmigaOS4  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed text hardware after quit emulator Snes and Nes  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on function filters (NES)  [hunoppc]
    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 02/09/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Bug fixed on PGM, sound now working fine on all games
    - Fixed endianess on all hardware present on emulator (W.I.P)
    - First release on version
    - FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 17/10/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed endianess on Pre90 et Post90 hardware present on emulator (W.I.P)  [hunoppc]
    - Added new strings on locale for GUI skins  [hunoppc]
    - Added new locale italian thanks to Samo79  [hunoppc]
    - FBA R3 for AmigaOS4 21/11/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed endianess on filter bilinear for NES hardware  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed savestate and loadstate on SEGA Megadrive Hardware (endianess problem)  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed select filter on NES select GUI  [hunoppc]
    - FBA R3 for AmigaOS4 23/11/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed problem on prefs filters with the reload GUI and select NES hardware, now working fine [hunoppc]
    - Fixed writing default.cfg on the first start FBA for use this now on GUI
    - FBA R3 for AmigaOS4 26/12/2017  [hunoppc]
    - Fixed MEGASYS1 hardware on pre90s all games working fine now [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Bios ym2608_adpcm_rom error on init for 5 games now he working fine [hunoppc]
    - Fixed Sample Hack on cheeky mouse game
    - squeek.wav
    - hammer.wav
    - sqeekdead.wav
    - two.wav
    - squeek2.wav
    - Fixed Sample Hack on donkey kong game
    - run01.wav
    - run02.wav
    - run03.wav
    - jump.wav
    - dkstomp.wav
    - Fixed Sample Hack on galaga game
    - bang.wav
           - init.wav 
    - Fixed Sample Hack on space invaders game
    - 1.wav
    - 2.wav
    - 3.wav
    - 4.wav
    - 5.wav
    - 6.wav
    - 7.wav
    - 8.wav
    - 9.wav
    - 18.wav
    - Fixed Sample Hack on mario game
    - ice.wav
    - coin.wav
    - skid.wav
    - run.wav
    - luigirun.wav
    - Fixed metal freezer game problem on loading rom z80 now working fine
    - Fixed TOAPLAN Sample Hack on 4 games Ghox Samesame Tekipaki Vimana
    - Fixed Sample Hack on M62 games IREM
    - FBA R1 for AmigaOS4 10/03/2019  [hunoppc]
    - Added new Motorola 68K cpu core and new interface
    - Added new hardware TAITOF3
    - Added new SH2 cpu core (speedup)
    - Fixed interface cpu core NEC
    - Added new games with cpu core NEC Raiden2 and raidenDX now working fine
    - New core TAITO F3 (no sound and problems on gfx endianess)
    PROBLEMS (bugs):
    1/ NeoGeo emulator turn slow: while in the older release of FBA R5 we had full 60 FPS in all games
    now in many games we have a little decrement (5-10 FPS less)
    I wonder if you can make the NeoGeo at full speed exactly as it was in the oldest release of FinalBurn Alpha
    Machine used: Sam440 Flex 800 + Radeon 9250 128 MB (64 bit)
    A good game for test this is: Breakers Revenge
    Here is the result compared:
    FinalBurn R5 --> 60/61 FPS
    FinalBurn R1 --> 42/55 FPS
    Résult of HunoPPC
    Machine used: Sam440 733 FSB 122mhz + M9 64 MB (128 bits) with Breakers Revenge on NEOGEO with unibios 3.1
    FBA R2 for AmigaOS4 13/01/2016 --> 60/61 FPS 320x240 (nofilter)
    Possible solution: After version R5 a new core of FinalBurn Alpha as implimented by a team FBA on a SVN, sound quality is perfect now, and for low machine is probably slow

    2/ Optimized sound on video for speedup on low machine (threaded now), fixed liberation and stop audio on 2 engines "windows native SDL" and "amigaos4 native datatypes with AHI"  [hunoppc] 
    It's not implimented, waiting i test, it's an error by me on readme ;-)

    In W.I.P:
    - Fix problems on Kaneko 16 complete emulation (BCKid and 1000 Miglia CPU render not working)
    - Fix problems on Deco16 games driver on level of sprites as corrupted
    - Fix Supernova system, endianess problems
    - Add demo mode with video
    - Add counter on demo mode
    - Add a big screen (on double-screen) exemple : for darius Games
    - Add a config for demo mode for return at the final on original prefs of user
    - Add on PC Version an Icon PNG
    - Add COMPOSITE MODE on game (not on GUI)
    - Add support joystick on NES emulator
    How to use FB Alpha
    FBA OS4 is now merged with the frontend based on Capex in one application.
    Just run it, press START and choose Rom Show mode: all, available or
    Important: For special cardridges demo for neogeo system, exemple: teenage mutant ninja turtle (intro demo) , please use bios DEVELOP_KIT for playing.

    Controls and hotkeys
    Standard keymapping for player 1:
    D-PAD           - D-PAD
    Key 1                - Start
    Key 4                - Coin
    Key ARROW-UP   - Up
    Key ARROW-DOWN   - Down
    Key ARROW-LEFT   - Left
    Key ARROW-RIGHT   - Right
    Key CTRL            - Fire1
    Key ALT              - Fire2
    Key X                - Fire3
    Key C                - Fire4
    Key Space          - Fire5
    Key V                - Fire6
    Standard keymapping for player 2:
    D-PAD          - D-PAD
    Key 5    - Start
    Key 2    - Coin
    Key R    - Up
    Key F    - Down
    Key D    - Left
    Key G    - Right
    Key Y    - Fire1
    Key U    - Fire2
    Key I    - Fire3
    Key O    - Fire4
    Key J    - Fire5
    Key K    - Fire6

    ESCAPE           - Quit
    P                 - Pause
    ENTER           - Prefs
    S                 -Save Savestate
    L                 -Load Savestate
    F5 show FPS on/off on game
    F8 Reversing the directional keys on game
    F9 Snapshot a preview if not present on dir .fba/previews resolution 320x224 (no replace just add)
    F10 Snapshot on game
    F12  window/fullscreen on game

    JOYPAD Button 3 + UP or DOWN (on GUI)--> speedup scroll of choice games
    JOYPAD Button 1 validate game selected after for running push Button 2 for running emulation (on GUI)
    JOYPAD Button "1Player" + Button "INSERT-COIN" QUIT game emulation (on GAME)
    Maj+left or right arrow changes hardware type
    Up or Down changes roms
    Maj+filters (F1/F2/F3/F4/F5) (on GUI):
    F1 or F2 changes hardware type on GUI
    F3 or F4 changes roms filters on GUI
    F5 changes roms types on GUI
    F7 go to Page UP of list
    KEY Page_UP go to Page UP of list
    KEY Page_DOWN go to Page Down of list
    F9  Snapshot Preview image if not present
    F12 window/fullscreen on GUI
    F11 access to a global DIPSWITCH prefs on GUI (if you have activate option on menu Default ROM setting -> Active Dipswitch patch) is EXPERIMENTAL and not finish (W.I.P), version NO-STABLE, you use is at your risk and do not support crashlog for this actually.
    All fire keys can be redefined in the menu (joypads supported).

    FB Alpha is written by the FB Alpha Team

    - Tested on AmigaOS 4.1 and AmigaOS 4.1 update 6 and AmigaOS 4.1 FE (Sam460, Pegaos 2 G4, AmigaONE X1000 NEMO, AmigaONE X5000 and Sam440ep). Untested on AmigaOS 4.0 and AmigaOS 4.0 / 4.1 classic PPC .
    - Tested on LENOVO L420 X64 CORE I5 with 8Go of Ram and intel GFX board, running perfect.
    - Tested on MACBOOK X64 CORE I7 2.66 Ghz with 8Go of Ram and intel GFX board and NVIDIA GT330M, running perfect.
    - Code optimised and cleaned up for PowerPC / ALTIVEC and SDL on AmigaOS 4.1 FE thanks to HunoPPC
    - Joysticks supported thanks to HunoJoyWrapper lib
    - Speedup software render thanks to BoostyGFXV2 lib
    Thanks go to:
    My children "Matthis" and "Sorhënn" for allowing me some time to develop
    Hyperion Entertainment  -  For the development of Amiga OS 4.0 and 4.1
    Relec for my X1000 NEMO and my X5000
    Dmitry Smagin for the creation of FBA
    Thomas Blatt "tommysammy" for the very nice icons and Folders and german locale,
    Samo79 for italian locale
    Javier de las Rivas for spain locale
    George Sakianos for my new cool web site 
    Lio, Samo79, K-L, zzd10h, Javier de las Rivas, Pseudaxos, Salternaos, Elwood, Alain Thellier, Sinisrus and all my betatesters on my site, "Matthis" and "Sorhenn" (my children) for betatesting FBA OS4
    My All My Donators ;o)
    And of course the whole AMIGA community
    Bugreports for AmigaOS 4x at
    NOUVEL (HunoPPC) Hugues
    Donate to hunoppc(AT)