Zero game shows black screen (using waZp3d)

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Zero game shows black screen (using waZp3d)

Hi, new ZERO game shows here (using waZp3d) a black screen, but why it's using 3D??!? Shouldn't it use "plain" SDL?
AmigaOS 4.1FE
SAM460ex and RadeonHD6570
Seeing dependencies used by ZERO:
/// analizando 'zero-OS4' (2984028 bytes)...
/// mostrando dependencias...
=== newlib.library 
=== minigl.library 
mingl?!?!?!?! ¿:-/
Need more data?

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yes it use 3D do not use wazp3d, not working.
minigl is use on this game.
best regards

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Hi Huno,
will newest miniGL work with OS 4.1 FE + RadeonHD 2D driver (no Radeon R7+ here).
Wicked wicked people that do 9250 (but not 9600/9800 and 1800XT) 3D drivers and then jump to Radeon R7
(but again not to top level cards).
I will NEVER understand lack of logic and support in AmigaOS 4 camp.