Soulfu AmigaOS4 EGL_Wrap

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    Soulfu 1.5.3 version EGL_Wrap for AmigaOS4
    IMPORTANT: not working on X5000 (problem alignment of memory W.I.P)
    Soulfu is a free, open source game unlike any other game other than roguelike games.
    Please use a fresh version of LibEGL_wrap Version 0.7.16 2020

    * first version 1.5.2 EGL_Wrap:
    - Added new render GL
    - Fixed save prefs
    - Fixed endianness .sdf datas
    * second version 1.5.3 EGL_Wrap:
    - Added new resolutions
      - 640X480
      - 800X600
      - 1024X768
      - 1280X720
      - 1280X1024
      - 1366X768
      - 1600X1200
      - 1920X1080

    Thanks go to:
    My children "Matthis" and "Sorhënn" for allowing me some time to develop
    Hyperion Entertainment - For the development of Amiga OS 4.0 and 4.1
    Relec for my X1000 NEMO and my X5000
    George Sakianos for my new cool web site
    Lio, Samo79, K-L, zzd10h, Javier de las Rivas, Pseudaxos, Salternaos, Elwood, Alain Thellier, Sinisrus, Ölrick, Alex, Corto, Daytona, PtitSeb, Kas1e, Xray, A-eon and all my betatesters on my site
    My All My Donators ;o)
    And of course the whole AMIGA community

    For lib GL4es donate to PtitSeb at
    Bug reports for AmigaOS 4x at
    NOUVEL (HunoPPC) Hugues
    Mail and donate to: hunoppc(AT)

    Supported OS: 
    AmigaOS 4.x
    Technologies used: