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Dear Huno,
While I enjoy Me and My Shadow, I have several probs with some of your ports
a) Where to find data files since they are quite old but not abandonware sw
b) How to make it run
On x1000, OS 4.1 FE, Enhancer updated and Radeon 7000HD
Return To Castle Wolfenstein fails to start with immidiate Grim Reaper kill, not even
a screen opened.
x5000 users in similar situation (OS 4.1FE update 1, Enhancer updated, Southern Islands card)
complain about Smoking Guns too http://amigaworld.net/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?mode=viewtopic&topic_i...
Havent tested that, have no data files.
Also with Quake 2 (your HD version), I cannot find Hyperion installer that works on OS 4.1 FE (provided on CD doesnt)
Is it needed to be Amiga installed or can I manually copy files from PC data disk?


Im just starting with all this , did you solve it ?
ive just ordered a 7750 DDR5 card and i'll update or buy Warp3D as needed.


Fixed. Buy & download the warp3d driver from Aeon .only the warp 3d nova driver is included in the enhanced pack. You need the older warp3d driver

wlemonds (not verified)

I have a X5000 with AmigaOS FE Update 1 and Powercooler 250X video card and a CMI8738 Sound Card. I have the Warp3D for Southern Islands off of AmiStore and have tried Wazp3D and also the Warp3D that came with the OS. I've also tried the different version minigl libraries.
W3D_SI.library version 1.14
Wazp3D.library version 53.1
Warp3D.library version 53.27
MiniGL.library version 2.20
MiniGL.library version 2.21
The game runs at about 1 FPS no matter what I change. I've gone into the game options and downgraded everything to LOW and 16 bit and don't get a change at all in framerate.
I have the original CD but apparently this needs the newer version with patches and updates so I had to buy it off of GOG.com and copied the .pak files over.
Any help would be appreciated.

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please check on libs hw warp3d and check if present warp3d_si
please check your warp3d.library (are you sure is original and not wazp ?)
delete wazp3d.library please
check on progdir of game if you have wazp3d.cfg