Pacman Arena EGL_Wrap AOS4

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    Amiga French Team 2020
    AmigaOS 4 port: Hugues 'HunoPPC" Nouvel
    Version 0.2 (AmigaOS 4 versions).
    require: libEGL_wrap 0.7.16
    Download this New Lib on my site:
    Tested X1000 and X5000
    IMPORTANT: EGL_Wrap library is beta and actually one problem is for free surfaces textures, please reboot your Amiga after playing, thank you very much
    Pacman Arena
    A Pacman clone gone mad
    Yes, it's Pacman. With rockets. And bombs. And spoiled gameplay. And in full
    3D. Finally, a version of Pacman which will bring your shiny new machine down
    to it's knees.
    Use this game with a Keyboard for the moment.
    - Space for shoot
    - Arrows for move your pacman
    - C for changing view of game
    - ENTER for start game
    - ESCAPE for quit level and quit game
    First release EGL_Wrap 0.1 (16/06/2019) By HunoPPC
    - Fixed Audio
    - Fixed 3ds objects
    - Added 3 modes --ultramode --mediummode --normalmode
    - Added new icons for AOS4
    - Added a render mode 1920x1080 on game
    - Source code include for sample EGL_Wrap library
    Second release EGL_Wrap 0.2 (16/02/2020) by HunoPPC
    -Update EGLSDL_Wrap librarie
    -Update GL4es librarie

    Thanks go to:
    My children "Matthis" and "Sorhenn" for allowing me some time to develop
    Hyperion Entertainment  -  For the development of Amiga OS 4.0 and 4.1
    Relec for my X1000 NEMO and my X5000
    George Sakianos for my new cool web site 
    My All My Donators ;o)
    And of course the whole AMIGA community
    For lib GL4es donate to PtitSeb at
    Bugreports for AmigaOS 4x at
    NOUVEL (HunoPPC) Hugues
    Mail and donate to: hunoppc(AT)

    Supported OS: 
    AmigaOS 4.x
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