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    Gish is a ball of tar who lives happily with his human girlfriend Brea, until one day a mysterious dark creature kidnaps her. Gish fights through several levels of enemies in the sewers of Dross until the final boss appears: Hera, Gish's former classmate who has an unrequited affection towards Gish. Gish rejects her, and Hera threatens to drop Brea into a pool of lava. After Gish defeats Hera, he must rescue Brea. If the player succeeds, Brea and Gish escape and become famous entomologists, as well as the world's first legal inter-species marriage. If the player fails, Brea burns to death in the lava pit and Gish goes on to live a life of celibacy, "volunteering most of his time to charity organizations that specialize in bringing lava awareness to the mainstream." In the latter case, Brea's picture is crossed out from the final group photo of the game.

    Full Version includes:

    • Dynamic Physics and Real-time Lighting
    • Destructible environment
    • 34 Story levels
    • Over 20 Collection levels
    • 6 unique VS. mode
    • 28 different VS. levels
    • Many hidden "secrets"
    • Over 10 different types of Enemies
    • 5 "Super Secret" Levels
    • Unique gameplay
    • Now extra community made levels and campaigns

    This is only the executable:  the engine is open source but data files aren't (still commercial). So in order to play the game you'll need to buy the game (see  Game has only be tested with English data files.

    After buying the game (whatever version : Linux or Win32), you just need to create a drawer named Gish (or any other name) and unpack the game engine archive and the data files in it.

    Here are the features of the AmigaOS 4.1 version :

    • New AmigaOS4 version by the French Amiga Team 2014, fixed by Nouvel "hunoppc" Hugues
    • Texture and Sound are now freed
    • Fixed all resolutions.
    • bpp forced to 16 bits
    • Fixed OpenGL functions in orde to speed up the game
    • Fixed crackling sound with openal and mixer
    • Speedup of textures loading
    • All data now use Fastram
    • Added libboostyGfx for rendering (new timer routines used)
    • Needs MiniGL (works with WaZp3D but colours are wrong) and needs 128 MB of Video Ram


    Work now with EGL_Wrap librarie


    HunoPPC 2020

    Supported OS: 
    AmigaOS 4.x
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