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Games 2016/12/31

Wolfestein works nicely both ET and Return to Castle.
I have some problems :
I can't exctract world of padman. Amiga OS just shows WOP-OS4.lha inside of archive, but hangs. Tried to join files, didn't help.
Alien versus Predator hangs when actual game should start. I have crash log, do you want it and how to get it to you?
Bought both games Wolfestein from Steam 4,99€ and Alien vs. Predator from GOG 4,99€. Not bad :)

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Hello utri007,
on first time thank you for use my work and thank you for your return.
if you have problems with wolfenstein yes send me a crashlog or post here.
you have all .pk3 please ??
best regards


Wolfenstein works just great :) Problem is with Alien vs. Predator
Crash log for task "avp"
Generated by GrimReaper 53.19
Crash occured in module avp at address 0x6EDE3EF8
Type of crash: alignment exception
Alert number: 0x80000003

Register dump:
GPR (General Purpose Registers):
   0: 00000000 52C1DCA0 00000000 51FA369D 51FA369D 00000000 00000024 52C30000
   8: 52F60000 51FA369D 538AB410 52FF0978 24422822 52F65E90 00000000 58710340
  16: 52F30DCC 52F60000 52F60000 538C414C 52F60000 52F60000 52F60000 538B0000
  24: 52F60000 52F30000 00000000 52F05240 58710340 00000000 5388A8FC 52F60000

FPR (Floating Point Registers, NaN = Not a Number):
   0:              nan                0           -25125            15670
   4:                0              320              320                1
   8:                1                1                0              0.5
  12:       4.5036e+15              nan                0                0
  16:                0                0                0                0
  20:                0                0                0     

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Your data's game is no correct or no on correct dirs

levellord (not verified)

Hello HunoPPC,
Thank you for your time and effort that you put in compiling games for Amiga, I really appreciate it! I downloaded AvP, copied over files from GOG's install from the PC and started the game. It worked up to the point where actual game should start when it crashed. It pased the first menu where you pick solo player, select of team (I picked marines), and the movie started. After the movie there was a briefing IIRC or just another clickable screen and after that screen game crashed. Here is the log detail from the Grim Reaper:
I've looked through the comment that you left for utri007 and this is what comes to mind: GOG version that I have is AvP Gold Edition, is that the problem or game should be okay with with this version of the game? Regarding the correct dirs, I did not find any install instructions, so I simply copied over following folder contents to Amiga AvP: avp_huds, avp_rifs, fastfile, FMVs and language.txt so game can be in english. Nothing else was copied.
Please let me know if I am missing something. Thank you!