Joypad problems in OpenBOR

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Joypad problems in OpenBOR

Since the installation of the Final Edition of OS4 it seems i can't be able use the joypad in OpenBOR anymore ...
All input settings seems correcty set and the pad seems working just fine, infact i can use the pad in many other games, however only the keyboard seems working with OpenBOR !
I'm using the latest OpenBOR 3.0 Build 3625
Any idea ?

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Hello Samo79,
If you have parameter your prefs on gui ???
Here he work fine after active buttons on prefs 

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Yes i launched the AmigaInput prefs and i set my USB Joypad as usual (including all the buttons and all the stick directions), all goes fine infact in all games i decide to play there are no problem with the pad recognition, however and this is strange when i start OpenBOR the joypad seems totally unrecognized, by default only the keyboard will be activated.
As i test i also switched the USB port of where the pad is connected and viceversa, but still doesn't work ... but indeed i also remember that it worked here, if you remember at the time i was the person who ask you to add the second joystick support in order to play OpenBOR with friends .. so for sure pad was ok at the time, but now for a strange reason it refuse to work
Mmm maybe could be related to the OS 4.1 Final Edition, do you think it could be possible ?
Is there any specific test i can do for you ?