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Quake Darkplaces

Great port Huno, advanced Quake engine - is the best. I hate Q2.Q3.Q4 --- this is Quake! Any chance Nemo with WarpZ3D OR use of that Hyperion fake 3D engine could push it (until they give us prepaid OS 4.2) OR that you could port Linux 3D driver for Radeon 4000-7000HD (where Hyperion can left us!) Namely, I do have strongest offered at time Radeon 6870, it doesnt even reset reliably and AmigaKit gives a rat ass about it, and no one is doing 3D drivers - and its faster then any R7 and most R8 cards. madness!!!

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Tank you very much vox,
No, wazp3d do not support pure 3D just 2D (ex: hurrican), for the moment all 3D games use minigl.library by hyperion
Radeon HD is AEON
Yes I know that everything is not perfect but must do with what we have
For now I work on a WRAPPER allowing to operate the EGL on our platforms via OPENGLES
We will see if we can integrate it easily in some games

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Hi Huno!

Purchased OS 4.1 FE, Enhancer and Radeon 7000HD 2GB DDR5.
Hope it can now work, Will come back with details, however
RTCW doesnt work even with data files placed. It sais something about 800x600 window.
I have a Snoopy and Grim Reaper crash logs.
Surely, my WB prefs is way higher then 800x600