Installing RTCW

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Installing RTCW

Can anyone help me with regard to installing the data files for RTCW (I'm using AOS4.1 on an X1000).
I have downloaded all the files from Huno's site and bought the PC CDROM to extract the .pk3 files, all of which I have installed into the 'main' drawer as per the instructions - but when I try to run the game, I get an error saying the installation is incomplete, listing the required files. I notice that I am missing one of them (called sp_pak3.pk3) which isn't included on the CD ROM (although sp_pak1.pk3 and sp_pak2.pk3 are).
Is this missing .pk3 file the reason the game doesn't run and, if so, does anyone know where I can find the file?
[Edit: corrected filenames]

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For RTCW HD and NG the patch for data is very important
download this here and enjoy :-)
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Sadly, I have installed the game onto a Win10 PC which will not let me run the patch (I get an error saying there was a problem running WolfSP.exe and Windows closes the programme down) ... is there any other way I can get the required .pk3 files?